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Audit Your IT Processes to Empower Collaboration and Productivity

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Worksighted Team Feb 17 2021

Read on for tips to empower collaboration and productivity and achieve business continuity in 2021.

As we begin the new year—and try to put the past twelve months behind us—we all have an opportunity to make a fresh start. Many businesses are happy to see the back of 2020, and although neither life nor work have fully returned to normal, it’s a good idea to start 2021 as a new chapter, at least when it comes to your IT.

Now is the perfect time to carry out an audit of your IT processes and systems. This is important to make sure you have the foundations in place to ensure your growing business can flourish in the year ahead. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to present challenges, this is particularly important. A good IT foundation can help your business refine and optimize remote working and achieve business continuity. What’s more, it can empower collaboration and productivity, to take your business to next level.

Be Proactive About Improving IT

The first step required may be a change of mindset. Too many organizations see IT as something that sits in the background, unimportant, churning along until something goes wrong and needs to be fixed. If you’re guilty of this, believe us that you are not the only ones. But it is important to shake that habit.

The truth is that it pays BIG TIME to be proactive about the technology your organization uses to get work done. It’s important to always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve your technology environment, and to be constantly asking questions—such as, how can technology:

• Help our business grow?
• Enable us to achieve our unique goals?
• Better reflect our company culture?
• Support our employees?
• Empower collaboration and productivity?
• Establish greater business continuity?

Areas to Prioritize

Although a full audit is always advised, we believe there are two core areas to focus on. Organizations need to get the balance right between business productivity and data security. It’s great if your employees feel free to work how they want, using the apps and devices that make their jobs easier. But it’s also important to ensure your organization is protected from risk. So, your IT audit should determine whether your current technology environment:

• Empowers collaboration and productivity
• Safeguards your data and systems

Collaboration and Productivity

Whether working remotely, back in the office, or a hybrid of the two, the way your employees communicate and collaborate is essential in driving productivity and guaranteeing business continuity. Apps like Microsoft Teams bring all the tools you need into one place—allowing you to host online meetings, brainstorm ideas in group chat, and collaborate on documents in real-time.

Safeguard Your IT

Security is crucial at all times, with cybercriminals always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. The best approach is a holistic one, which establishes robust technology and training in all areas of the organization. It’s important to have a framework that identifies what the main risks are to your business, which can help you proactively detect, protect, and respond to threats.

Empower Collaboration and Productivity Today

At Worksighted, we help growing businesses align their IT environments with their business goals. For many in 2021, this means ensuring that their IT is optimized for productive and secure remote working.

This year, make it your organization’s goal to rethink your IT approach. By giving IT more attention in 2021, you can supercharge every area of your business. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing most businesses to operate remotely, there has never been a time where optimizing your IT setup has been so important. The organizations that prioritize IT this year will be the ones who gain a competitive advantage, achieve business continuity, and continue to grow in tough times. In short, an IT audit is not just highly recommended but essential.

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