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Dell introduces XPS 13 Ultrabook

Mar 01 2012

Ultrabooks are the biggest computer buzz on the market today. Typically weighing 3lbs or less, this new breed of PC, brings all the portability of a tablet.  But these aren’t under-powered featherweights like the netbooks of yesteryear.  Ultrabooks are full-featured, with the latest intel CPUs, high capacity storage, and full-size physical keyboards.

The Dell XPS 13 is no exception.  It weighs in at less than 3 pounds but functions like a full featured laptop.  Key features include:

  • Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook - FrontOnly 18 mm (0.71”) at its thickest point
  • Intel 2nd Gen Core processors
  • Bonded Gorillal Glass screen and carbon fiber body
  • Solid-state drive
  • Gesture-enabled glass touchpad
  • Boots in as little as 8 seconds (1 second from sleep mode)


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