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Digital Safety is Like a Bullet Proof Vest | Safe Surfing for Kids

Oct 22 2018

Chris McKenna:

Hi. I’m Chris McKenna from Protect Young Eyes, and in partnership with Worksighted, we want to bring you a series of short, helpful videos so that you can protect your family from online danger. So, let’s jump right in.

One of the illustrations that we use with parents in order to show them what an internet safe home looks like, is a bulletproof vest. I’ll often put that picture of a bulletproof vest up on the screen, and then I’ll ask parents if it’s still possible to kill a police officer who’s wearing a bulletproof vest with a bullet. Well, the obviously answer to the question is yes. Therefore, by calling it a bulletproof vest, that’s not really a very good label for it, is it? In other words, in order to stay alive, being shot by a bullet while wearing a bulletproof vest, there’s some things I need to do to be very intentional. I probably have a partner. I’ve probably been well trained. I’m constantly assessing my environment, and then changing based on the risks that present themselves.

These are the same attributes of an internet safe home. Mom and Dad, are you constantly assessing the risks that are presenting themselves to your kids? Are you constantly looking at the types of friends that they’re hanging out with? Are you constantly looking at the different homes, especially during the summertime, that they’re spending time in? Are you well trained? Do you have a consistent set of rules?

I’m sorry, but there is no set of parental controls that replaces the need for intentional parents in the digital age.

I hope that this information is helpful for you. Please visit, where you can read our blog, you can register for our bi-weekly parent newsletter. You can also find us on Facebook, where we’re constantly providing the most up to date information for parents. Thank you so much for watching this video. Protect Young Eyes in partnership with Worksighted wish you the very best as you take steps to protect your family today.

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