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Officevibe: A Simple Tool for a Great Workplace

May 23 2017

At most large businesses, making company-wide changes can take months, if not years. At Worksighted, many changes take weeks, if not days.

Sure, we’re not the size of GM or Gentex or Haworth so we have fewer layers, fewer employees. Yet another force is in play, one that has our employee morale soaring through the roof: instantaneous feedback.

Say goodbye to the semi-annual company surveys, the ones that take forever to fill out, even longer to compile, and then are awkwardly shared with employees, many months after the issues first surfaced. You’re lucky if the frustrated employees are still working for you. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve discovered, and this might shock you since we’re an IT company, that technology is the answer. Introducing Officevibe.

We’ve been using the employee engagement software for a few months now and the results are mind-blowing.

Just this month we discovered through Officevibe our employees were daydreaming about food being provided in the office. Mid-day Taco Bell runs have a special place in our hearts, but some afternoons our employees don’t want to head to the border, they want to head down the hall.

Therefore, our leaders, who received the feedback instantly, decided to pilot a “we’ll-bring-the-food-to-you-for-next-to-nothing” program starting in June. Three days a week, Worksighted will have a catered meal available for a few dollars. After the pilot is over, we’ll decide whether to keep the program or tweak it.

Today kicks off our employee catered lunch program with help from our friends at @creativedining #OutsourceToAwesome #LifeAtWorksighted #LunchAtWorksighted

A post shared by Worksighted (@worksighted) on May 15, 2017 at 9:04am PDT

So how does Officevibe work?

Each week the software sends Worksighted employees 5 questions about how things are going at work. The questions, which can be customized, feature simple and fun and bright illustrations to help convey the point.

Recent questions included “Is praise meaningful when you receive it?” and “During a crisis your manager is …” and “Have you gotten feedback from your manager in the last 2 weeks?”

The anonymous results are sent to leadership, who review it and then can engage in anonymous conversations to clarify any questions. Eventually, an engagement report is created and Worksighted gains relevant, timely tips to improve the business this week, not next year.

When it comes to Officevibe, we’re in good company. Corporations you may have heard of – Apple, Disney, Trivago, Sony, and Buffer – all use the software in a similar manner.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Worksighted is Redefining IT Support, let’s chat.

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