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The Power of a First Impression – Client Experience

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Worksighted Team Feb 20 2020

As a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was back-to-school-shopping with my Dad and older brother Jarrod. After my Dad gave me a budget for my new wardrobe, my only goal was to buy as many shirts, pants, skirts and accessories as possible- a girl must have options!

As I would drag my dad and brother to all of the stores, picking through the sales, my Dad always would say to me, “Baby, first impressions are everything so choose wisely.”  At first, like most kids I would roll my eyes, “ ok Dad” or “I know”. He would then go on to tell me how every time I met someone, I would make an impression on them, some lasting some not.

That a first impression was determined by how I made them feel with how I looked, the words I said, and the way I acted.

These words have stuck with me, impacting the personal experiences I have had with others throughout my life and now- my career.

Here at Worksighted, we understand that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. We work hard to curate an experience for you- our clients! We strategically train our staff to execute a first impression that often leads to a lasting partnership. We understand what it takes to build and grow a business in today’s competitive market and strive to provide a timely and trustworthy service for all tech needs.

As the Client Experience Manager for the past 2.5 years, I have joined with and built upon Worksighted’s commitment to providing an awesome client experience. We understand that our employees must have an excellent experience here, in order for them to provide one for you in your workplace.

All of our employees understand our value of the first impression from the beginning of their training and they are the people who consistently push our vision for exceptional and fun client service during their time here. 

First Impressions

Once we have the first impression down, we continue to train how to build upon that foundation to provide a lasting positive experience for our clients and deepen that relationship. From Executive Leadership to the front lines of client service, our team at Worksighted is excited to deliver an awesome experience.

A primary way we accomplish carrying out this goal is by focusing our training on how our clients feel and what they should feel as a result of what we are doing or the decisions we are making. We take the feedback we receive from our clients in surveys, through our concern process or just from telling us and look for trends in how we are making our clients feel. If the trends don’t align with the experience we want our clients to have,  we continue to make changes and focus on internal training until we find what fits.

When thinking about first impressions and client experience, I always think about how in moments, depending on my actions, dress, words,  I can change the way someone feels about working with me or interacting with me.

As my Dad says, “Baby, first impressions are everything” well they may not be everything, but they can be lasting.

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