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IT Security Pro Tips | Three Things to Stop Doing Immediately

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Worksighted Team Mar 18 2020


Welcome to Tech Riffs, a part of Worksighted’s next program, bringing you awesome IT-related content to help you be the tech superhero in your organization. My name is Killian and I have the honor of being your host.

As Saint Patty’s gets closer, I see a lot of shirts, memes, and cards, and I mean a lot of them, because I’m Irish, all talking about luck of the Irish. Since IT doesn’t subscribe to any kind of luck, I wanted to give you three it pro tips, three things you need to stop doing immediately that will help improve your company’s security.

Number one, stop storing your files on your desktop.

It is both a security and a disaster recovery issue. So what should you do instead? Make sure to store your files in a spot that is backed up regularly or use cloud storage like Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.

Number two, stop writing passwords on sticky notes.

Yeah, this is still a thing. I understand, several accounts, each with a different password can be a bit to remember, but here’s something you can do. Use a passphrase instead of a password. They are much easier to remember and much harder to hack. Instead of Socks2!, you could try YourMomKnitsSocks2!

Number three, stop opening emails and blindly clicking on links when you don’t know where they came from.

One quick way to check a link without clicking is to hover over it. In Outlook, there should be something that pops up right above the mouse that tells you where you’re going to go. Or if you’re in a web browser, like or Gmail or something, it’s going to show up in the lower left-hand corner. And remember, you can’t trust your IT to blind luck.

But that’s it for today’s Tech Riff. Make sure to connect with us on YouTube over at for more juicy Tech Riffs. In the meantime, stay smart and stay safe. I’m Killian Smith, take it easy.

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