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4 Ways to Stay Protected Against Ransomware Featuring Matt Maines

Apr 27 2017

Matt:                   Thanks for having me, Killian.

Killian:                 Yeah, so today I’d like to talk a little bit about security. Something that you’ve got a lot of experience in. You’ve been in the field for 15 years dealing with the stuff, right, so specifically ransom ware. And that’s something that’s beginning to hit a lot of businesses really hard. You and I know this. Do you think a lot of small businesses are becoming more aware of this threat?

Matt:                   Well it used to be just kind of the IT guy talk in the background of, “Oh man, I got hit with this, and the recovery to do this was a nightmare. Pulling my backups took forever.” And now it’s just become the business owners. The media has brought a lot of attention to this, and down time is costing business owners, and yet some of them are paying these ransoms to get their data back because they don’t have any other way, and now you’re relying on criminal activity within your business to get your data back.

Killian:                 It’s really becoming forefront in a lot of small business owners’ minds. How do I protect myself from the threats that are out there. What do you think are some key ways?

Matt:                   I see four specific things, so number one I see educate. Number two I see secure. Number three I see policies and the last one I see is recovery.

Killian:                 Right.

Matt:                   So what I mean about educate is education. Educate your employees, your users … when something looks suspicious not to click on it. I mean they’re getting really, really creative. Everyone orders stuff from Amazon, and so those confirmation emails, like, “Click here, your package is being dropped at your house.” Very scary in that regard.

Killian:              Yeah, and you’re starting to see a lot of those kinds of things spoofed, right, like a fake Amazon email that may come through, and that’s really, really scary. But you gotta keep security in mind, you said that was the next thing.

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