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A Little Bonus Goes a Long Way

Feb 08 2017

Building a better team, one dollar at a time.

Keeping your team engaged and positive is crucial to running any growing organization smoothly. When a teammate does a great job, but it’s not bonus time, you could just give them a “Good job!” and a high-five, but to us that doesn’t feel like enough…

Enter The micro bonusing service that allows everyone in the company to give their teammates recognition for a job well done.

Unlike top-down bonus approaches. is decentralized. The service gives employees in the organization a monthly allowance of bonus dollars to give away to other employees. When someone does a great job or puts in extra effort, their colleagues reward them by giving them some of their bonus allowance.

Giving A Bonus

Each bonus includes four things: an amount, a recipient, a reason, and a hashtag (Our hashtags relate to our core values). Bonuses can be given in any amount, and these micro bonuses add up over time and can be spent on anything from donations to local non-profits to gift cards from Amazon or Starbucks.

Because the monthly allowances and bonuses are so small, is actually quite cost-effective. For us, the dollar amount isn’t the important part, it’s the personal recognition from colleagues for good work and it’s an easy way for Worksighted employees to tie actions into our core values.

Each time you want to give a microbonus, you have to attach a personal message congratulating your teammate. These messages are visible to everyone in your company who
uses the platform, so everyone gets to see the excellent work being done throughout the company.

In conclusion

We’ve found that using boosts everyone’s mood and helps everyone feel like they are part of a team that values each other. Using is just one of the many ways we encourage employees to celebrate the small victories on a day to day basis. It also helps with cross-departmental communications and keeps employees in the loop throughout the organization.

At Worksighted, we place a high value on developing a strong internal culture. As such, our people love being here. In fact, we boast a 95%+ retention rate for engineers, which for clients means long-term relationships with passionate people who really know our client’s systems.

If you ready to learn more about how Worksighted is Redefining IT Support, click here.

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