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Discover the Advantages: 3CX Phone System Version 12

Sep 02 2013

3CX IP Phone System version 12 will available soon! With the latest release, 3CX enhanced the desktop client making it more user friendly and improving features available within the client.  Similarly, with the 3CX mobile app, 3CX made it even easier to stay connected whether you are in the office or out.  Check out the full list of new features:

1. New interface has improved Android and iPhone user experience.

2. Native app for a more seamless and responsive user experience.

3. Easy call forwarding setup from your smartphone.

4. Many features previously available only via 3CX MyPhone can now be done from your smartphone such as: set status, login and logout of queues, and the availability of being alerted to new voicemails.

5. Native easy deployable app.

6. Improved troubleshooting, network auto-sensing, and easy one click auto provisioning.

3CX version 12 has integrated the softphones into the client and received a major revamp and many new features. A few of these new features include the ability to easily perform blind or attended transfers from the interface, multiple lines on all platforms , and the ability to easily create conference calls on the 3CX Phone System. Version 12 has also allowed for consumers to use the 3CXPhone client using your desk phone to get amazing productivity gains from your IP phone. This will allow you to easy transfer calls, create conference calls with a few mouse clicks, and initiate calls with a mouse click.

Available for all major platforms including:

-Android 2.3 and up.

– iPhones 3, 4, and 5.

-Windows 7 and 8. 3CX.

With 3CX focusing their efforts on improving the phone system from the user perspective they have grown in leaps and bounds. The new 3CX Phone System has raised the bar and given their consumers what they desire in a phone system. Consumers will be more than pleased with the mobility and productivity of this new phone system.

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