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Our Favorite Places to Work Remotely in West Michigan

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Worksighted Team Jan 31 2018

You’ve lost your motivation. You can’t come up with any good ideas. You are stuck staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

Sure, getting up for another stroll through the office could work, except it didn’t the previous nine times. The receptionist is starting to wonder if you are OK.

You feel guilty because you work in a beautifully-designed office – people on the outside so want to work here.

Cheer up, that’s why third places were invented.

It’s time to pack up your computer and walk right out the office door. Don’t look back, but don’t head home. Instead, use this updated list of our favorite places to work remotely in West Michigan.

Whether it’s morning or afternoon, these hotspots can spark creativity and connection and, most of all, awesome work.


Madcap Coffee

When it comes to the craft of coffee, few approach the level of Madcap. This roastery and cafe serves some of the most expertly prepared cappuccinos and lattes, and their pour over bar offers a curated selection from their roastery. Their coffees are featured in restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops throughout the country, so if you’re looking for a cup of liquid gold to work remotely in West Michigan, look no further.

Madcap has three locations now throughout Grand Rapids, and their newest spot, Madcap Fulton Street, is our favorite. Tucked away in a growing neighborhood just east of downtown, this former auto repair shop has a relaxed vibe with various places to work. Modern music at just the right volume in the background. In warmer months, plenty of outdoor seating. Added bonus? It’s located next door to Madcap’s roastery, which means the smell of roasting coffee beans often infiltrates your senses. Coffee in your cup, coffee in the air, why would you work anywhere … else?

Learn more at

The 205 Coffee Bar

The 205 Coffee Bar is another rock-solid option to work remotely in West Michigan. Located on the east edge of downtown Holland, across the street from Hope College, 205 Coffee Bar brews coffee from Ann Arbor-based Stovetop Coffee Roasters. Incredible pour-over options plus nitro coffee, cold brew, and kombucha on draft make this spot appealing for everyone. If you missed breakfast because of an ill-advised Netflix binge the night before, 205 Coffee Bar can help. It offers an assortment of local baked goods perfect for starting your day off right.

You can work from spacious high top tables, booth-like areas, or seats bordering the garage doors, which open up to provide a shot of fresh air throughout the shop. With easy access to downtown Holland shops and restaurants, 205 Coffee Bar is the perfect place to work remotely in West Michigan and get things done.

Learn more at


Downtown Zeeland is quickly becoming an interesting spot to work remotely in West Michigan. It may not have the big city energy of Grand Rapids or college town feel of Holland, but thanks to Drip the city is crafting its own narrative. Zeeland’s second coffee shop, which just opened in December, offers coffee, americanos, cafe miels, cappuccinos, chai lattes, and tea. We love Drip’s slogan: slow down, drink up.

Located in a historic downtown building, the shop makes that possible by combining timeless charm with plenty of modern touches. There are spacious booths and window seating, which offer great views of the growing downtown. No one is in a rush to go anywhere. So if you are looking for a slower pace, a spot to truly escape and do deep work, Drip is your place.

Learn more at Facebook: Drip Coffee.

Lemonjello’s Coffee

Located a stone’s throw away from downtown Holland, this vibrant coffee shop offers delicious baked goods made in-house and coffee from Madcap Coffee and Halfwit Coffee Roasters, as well as ample outlets and fast WiFi (a must for the remote worker). With a big yellow mug of coffee costing only $2, with $0.50 refills, it’s easy to camp out at Lemonjello’s all day.

Learn more at


Courtyard by Marriott Holland

A hotel lobby to work remotely in West Michigan, seriously? Hang with us. The new Courtyard by Marriott Holland isn’t a dirty Super 8 lobby with stained carpet and 8-hour-old Folgers coffee. This is the next generation of hotel lobbies. Envision a giant living room of a modern luxury home. It’s more that feel, with a long bar, plus an elevated workstation area with plenty of outlets. Tables. Comfortable booths, chairs, and couches. Any way you want to work is possible there thanks to the flexibility and openness of the space.

If you’re still in the mood for coffee, the Courtyard serves Starbucks coffee and offers a variety of espresso-based drinks. But if you’re ready for something stronger, they serve beer and wine too. Oh, and a full food menu. So forget your preconceptions and take a vacation from your office at Courtyard by Marriott Holland.

Learn more at Courtyard by Marriott Holland.

Grand Armory Brewing Company

For those further afield, Grand Armory is a great place to get away from the office for a while. While its quiet environment and good beer are plenty reason to stop by to get some heads-down work done, the building is also home to Aldea coffee and Righteous BBQ, in case you need a pick-me-up or a quick bite of brisket.

Learn more at

Our Brewing Company

If you strictly want a place to kick back a beer and tune the rest of the world out while you crank out some work, Our Brewing Company is an ideal spot. Free popcorn, fast WiFi, ultra small-batch beer and a quiet daytime vibe make this a great place to get focused while you close the day out. If you get a bit peckish, they have carryout menus from many downtown Holland restaurants.

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