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Introducing Dell VRTX: Server, Storage and Networking in ONE!

Jul 02 2013

Dell recently unveiled their latest entry into the shared infrastructure platform with the PowerEdge VRTX.  This new product is ideal for small and midsize businesses looking for a less complicated way to manage servers, storage, and integrated networking.  PowerEdge VRTX has made it possible to store it all in one place making it much more manageable for businesses.

PowerEdge VRTX offers widespread performance and capacity with office-level acoustics in a small condensed tower chassis. This new compact platform for your servers, storage, and networking is the perfect platform for those looking to be more efficient and versatile with managing their business systems. PowerEdge VRTX allows you to run multiple applications, measure future business growth, apply quicker application response times, and the ability to power through top processing phases.

One of the best features besides the fact that all three areas are in one compact platform is that live migration of virtual machines within the VRTX chassis do not need the expense of cabling, powering and managing SAN. Dell has made it possible to have it all in one spot yet still allowing for each server node to see the storage as its own singular storage pool. Server-use flexibility is made key by the efficient processing which is because all four of the server nodes have access to the internal shared storage. It is essential for all four server nodes to have the access to the internal shared storage because that allows for virtualization and clustering.

PowerEdge VRTX has made it possible to customize and tailor each server in a configuration that meets your needs. No longer will your servers, storage, and networking be in separate places instead they will all share a single platform allowing you to access them more conveniently. There are many more features that set PowerEdge apart such as the Optional hot-plug and swappable power supply units and fans, Dual SD cards for redundant hypervisors, a capacity for each node to have 768GM of memory, the ability to share among eight different processors,  and many more features designed to make your life a little easier.  Investing in a PowerEdge VRTX will simplify your business and IT infrastructures and will allow you to function smoother as a business.

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