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Lync: Connecting People Everywhere

Nov 04 2013

Have you ever wanted to be connected to people at all times, especially colleagues and customers? If you are looking for an easy constant flow of communications with others, than Microsoft Lync is exactly what you are looking for. Microsoft Lync is a communications platform that connects people everywhere regardless of their locality. Whether you are using a Windows 8 or other operating systems such as mobile devices and tablets you can stay connected through many different forms of communications. No matter where your location in the world is you can stay connected through instant messaging, voice, video, and now Skype with people you need a continuous flow of communications with.

Key Features:

  • Dependable Platform
  • More Visual way of communicating without having to be in the same room as someone else.
  • Multiparty HD video conferencing that is bringing expression and life into your meeting and allowing you to communicate more effectively.

Lync Online can be purchased by organizations as a standalone service from Microsoft Office 365 or it can also be part of an Office 365 for enterprises, those include Lync Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Professional Plus, and Microsoft Web Apps. For Lync Online the servers are stored in Microsoft data centers making them accessible to users on a variety of devices over the internet or inside their corporate network.  Lync adapts to your lifestyle and makes communication with others accessible and reliable no matter what your circumstances are.

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