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MFA made easy: Why we love DUO!

Oct 02 2019

My friend’s car was recently stolen right from her house which, I thought that was pretty crazy. Until, I learned that her husband had left the keys in the door of said car which kind of says “Steal me, steal me”. So naturally (for a tech nerd anyways,) I got to thinking, what if the car had an additional step of security? What if the key wasn’t enough? What if it could send an alert to see if it was actually the owner getting in the car?

Your online presence is becoming increasingly more valuable as things become even more connected. Services like online banking e-commerce and even social networking all have access to sensitive information. So, just like my friend’s car, it’s pretty important to take steps to protect your personal and professional assets online. 

Your password is your first line of defense, like the key to your car, and for a long time that’s been enough. But you may have noticed a trend toward two-step or multi-factor authentication, also known as MFA. For example, you’ll log into Facebook from a new computer, and it texts your phone a code that you have to enter in order to prove that it’s you trying to log in. It might be a little annoying not being able to get to scrolling right away, but, this is an added layer of security keeping your data protected. However, not every platform offers effective MFA. The threat against your online assets is real and that’s why we like to use a powerful tool called Duo

Duo is our favorite MFA tool here at Worksighted and here’s why:

Reason #1 It’s So Simple! 

It’s a super simple product! Duo’s end-user experience is pretty stellar. We’ve done many Duo deployments for our customers and the most common question we hear is, “Is that all I have to do”… yup. You download the Duo app, scan the QR codes sent by your system administrator… and that’s it. Duo acts behind the scenes to protect your accounts and once you set it up you might even forget that you have it deployed. 

Reson #2 Duo Push

 With DUO Push, the same concept as a six-digit PIN has evolved into a simple push notification verifying each login attempt. It allows us to simply tap a button and say approve this login or deny this login. I can even receive that notification on my SmartWatch. 

Reason #3 Duo Restore

Another great feature you’re gonna love, though you might not know it until you’d need it, is Duo Restore. Some MFA providers have a cumbersome process to restore your account if you get a new phone. With Duo you just enter in your recovery password, reconnect any third-party apps and you’re up and running. That’s it. 

Our friends at Duo have found a sweet spot, balancing security and convenience. Try it out and see if you fall in love like we did! At the end of the day though, we encourage you to look into the security needs of your company and research the best MFA solution for you in your team. Your online identity has become one of the most valuable personal and professional assets that you have. Securing it should become as routine as locking your car door. And not leaving the keys inside. 

Well that’s all the riffing I have for you today make sure to connect with us on your favorite social. Until then, don’t leave your keys in the car door. I’m Killian Smith, take it easy.

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