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Microsoft: Upcoming Software Releases!!

Aug 16 2012

Get ready for the latest and greatest releases from Microsoft!  Here are a few of the upcoming releases with some key features to look for.  Click the More Information link to learn more about each one.

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  • Server 2012 FALL 2012
    • New Task Manager – New interface to monitor and manage the server and resources
    • ReFS – New File System (Automatic Data Correction, Storage Spaces)
    • SMB 3.0 – Multipath Network Transfers – Faster data transfers
    • More information
  • Windows 8 Professional FALL 2012
    • Bitlocker – Full-disk encryption
    • Boot to VHD – Virtualize Windows 8
    • Encrypted File System – Store information in an encrypted format
    • More information
  • Hyper-V 2012 FALL 2012
    • Live Migration without Shared Storage
    • Supports 32 V-Processors and 1TB of V-RAM
    • 64TB Max Virtual Drive
    • Hyper-V Replicas in any Version – Veeam Functionality
    • More information
  • SQL Server 2012 AVAILABLE
    • AlwaysOn – High availability and disaster recovery solution
    • xVelocity – Boost data warehouse and analytics performance
    • Power View – Data visualization and presentation solution
    • More information
  • Exchange 2013 WINTER 2013           
    • Automatic Traffic Surge Protection – Automatically defers non-interactive system work to non-peak email hours
    • Administration Center – Combines the management console and control panel
    • Workload Management – Controls how resources are consumed by individual users
    • More information

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