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4 Most Dangerous Places for Kids to be Online | Safe Surfing for Kids

Aug 13 2018

Chris McKenna:

Hi. I’m Chris McKenna from Protect Young Eyes, and in partnership with Worksighted, we want to bring you a series of short, helpful videos so that you can protect your family from online danger. So, let’s jump right in.

Parents, wouldn’t you agree with me that where our kids use their technology often dictates how they use their technology? Whether you are 14 or 40, our environment often dictates a lot about our behavior. We wrote a blog post that talked about what we believe are the four most dangerous places for a child to be online. Now, I could be mean and make you go read it, but I’m just going to tell you what they are.

The number one place that we want to keep digital devices away from kids, is their bedroom. Number two, school buses. Number three, sleepovers. And number four, believe it or not, is grandma and grandpa’s house.

Now, I have nothing against grandparents; I love my grandparents and the time they spend with my kids, but kids are often aware that grandparents know a little bit less, and there are often two things that are different at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, both rules and routines.

It’s important that we control these four places more than the others when our kids are spending time online. I hope that this information is helpful for you. Please visit where you can read our blog, and you can register for our bi-weekly parent newsletter. You can also find us on Facebook, where we’re constantly providing the most up to date information for parents.

Thank you so much for watching this video. Protect Young Eyes, in partnership with Worksighted, wish you the very best as you take steps to protect your family today.

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