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Snapchat What’s the big deal | Safe Surfing for Kids

Sep 24 2018

Chris McKenna:

Hi, I’m Chris McKenna from Protect Young Eyes. And in partnership with Worksighted, we want to bring you a series of short, helpful videos so that you can protect your family from online danger. So, let’s jump right in.

One of the most popular social platforms for teens today is Snapchat. A large percentage of them use it. All the way down into elementary school. Now, parents, I don’t know if you have a Snapchat account of your own. I have one of my own and I’ve spent a lot of time investigating, researching, and digging into this app. By itself, Snapchat is not bad. Snapchat does create tempting places for our kids. Due to the fact that its information disappears, I believe that it tempts kids to make decisions that they might not make when you know what you’re doing could disappear.

One of the other places in Snapchat that parents are often unaware of is what is called the discover section of Snapchat. See, this is how a free app makes money. It’s in the discover section that Snapchat has articles from different magazines like Bleacher Report, Vibe, or Cosmopolitan. If you were to spend any amount of time in the discover section, I think you would find that this is content that is not written with young people in mind.

Let’s not forget Snapchat’s roots. It was created by a couple of college students who wanted to sext. Plain and simple. As a publicly traded company, they now have to say something more attractive so that people will buy their stocks. But this is their foundation. And at Protect Young Eyes, we just do not believe that any middle schooler is ready for this app.

I hope that this information is helpful for you. Please visit where you can read our blog, you can register for our bi-weekly parent newsletter. You can also find us on Facebook where we’re constantly providing the most up to date information for parents. Thank you so much for watching this video. Protect Young Eyes in partnership with Worksighted. Wish you the very best as you take steps to protect your family today.

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