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Wellness @ Worksighted

Oct 04 2019

 Here at Worksighted, our wellness team works hard to provide several opportunities for our team members to pursue wellness at work and home! Catering a salad instead of pizza, hosting a zombie-walking challenge, helping with a gym membership, or encouraging walking meetings are just a few of the ways we incorporate holistic wellness into our workplace culture. 

Best & Brightest in Wellness

We are excited that our efforts have landed us on the 2018 Michigan Best & Brightest in Wellness list for the third year in a row.  Below you’ll find a few ingredients to our secret sauce that keeps Worksighted an awesome place to show up to work every day. 

Holistic Wellness

At Worksighted, we understand that to maintain a thriving and efficient workspace, we need happy, healthy, and engaged employees. Therefore, we focus a lot on creating an environment that promotes all aspects of wellness – physical, mental, social, emotional, intellectual, and professional. To do this, we have implemented a few initiatives to demonstrate to our employees how much we value them and their well-being. For example, each department is assigned a month to plan a social event for the whole company. Some fan favorites include a Chili Cook-Off, Thanksgiving in June, and Friday Fiesta. We also have a designated wellness room for nursing mothers and those who need a space to recharge and decompress. In our kitchen, we offer healthy snack options like fresh fruit and pretzels along with full-range kitchen appliances to prepare and store food throughout the day. We also provide wellness lunch and learns for the whole staff, offer subsidies for gym memberships, hold annual family events, have pop-up engagement activities like a Board Game Lunch, and participate in volunteer opportunities. By offering a wide range of options, each employee will gravitate towards what works best for them so everyone can become the best version of themselves.

Wellness @ Worksighted

Wellness Champions

To have a truly successful wellness program, we recognize that we need to hear from our employees themselves! Earlier this year, we formed a Wellness Committee that champions wellness initiatives throughout the organization. This group is made up of volunteers who are passionate about bringing awareness of and participation in different areas of well-being for those they work with. In our committee meetings, we review past activities, brainstorm future ideas, and discuss what’s missing in our work environment today. Our committee members are advocates for our initiatives and offer a wide range of support throughout the organization since a variety of departments are represented. 

Weekly Check-Ins

We also use a weekly tool called 15Five to gather feedback to keep a pulse on how our employees are doing. Every employee fills out their 15Five by answering questions about their work environment, the company culture, and their opinion on varying issues. The check-in begins with the same question each week “How did you feel at work this week?” from a scale of 1-5 and also asks about wins and challenges. This gives managers insight into how their employees are faring and gives employees a chance to ask for help. Our leadership teams review the answers to these questions regularly and make changes or adjustments accordingly. We must be identifying and tackling the right aspects of wellness and engagement for our employees.

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Wellness Incentives 

At Worksighted, we offer two main incentives to encourage physical health. The first is our wellness premium for health insurance, where employees pay a reduced rate if they get their annual physical. We do this to encourage continual monitoring of employee health and active participation in our wellness programs. We also offer a subsidy each month for employees who attend a gym facility. We have implemented a minimum number of required visits each quarter for employees to keep receiving the wellness reimbursement. We have found that this encourages employees to attend the gym more frequently and the overall fitness level of our organization has increased.

While it may be hard to measure the ROI of wellness against your company’s bottom line, we have found very simple (and fun!) ways to engage our team members in wellness activities. We are excited to keep striving to create a workplace that helps team members thrive in all aspects of their life. The healthier, and more whole, our employees are the better we can serve our customers, and the faster we all can grow. 

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