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Worksighted completes merger with IT for Doctors, strategic partnership with BetterEHR

Jul 06 2009

Barry Rice
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Worksighted completes merger with IT for Doctors; Strategic Move allows companies to more fully serve the growing needs of healthcare organizations.

it_for_doc_logoWorksighted today announced it has completed its strategic merger with IT for Doctors, an information technology consulting firm specializing in IT solutions for medical practices and small hospitals.

“Both companies emphasize superior service, proven technologies, and strong customer relationships to deliver a complete IT management and support solution,” said Mat Nguyen, president of Worksighted, Inc. “The healthcare industry is experiencing increased needs, we were interested in meeting those needs and the merger with IT for Doctors’ gives us that opportunity. Strategically it’s a great fit!”

Worksighted will operate IT for Doctors as a division specializing in IT solutions for the healthcare industry, while a new entity, ‘BetterEHR’ has been formed by the former owner and president of IT for Doctors, Robert Tennant. BetterEHR will specifically focus on helping doctors’ offices and hospitals adopt and maximize the benefits of electronic health records systems.

Mat Nguyen and Robert Tennant

“Selecting and implementing Electronic Health Records systems is a major challenge and most organizations need a lot of help getting value from the technology,” said Robert Tennant, president of BetterEHR. “I believe that our merger with Worksighted will position us to deliver across the broad spectrum of needs required by today’s healthcare organizations. The end result will be a more immediate and longer lasting return on investment for our healthcare clients.”

“We are excited about the strategic partnership that has been put in place between Worksighted and BetterEHR,” said Nguyen. “Together we are able to offer a complete IT solution from voice and infrastructure solutions through Worksighted and Electronic Health Records solutions through BetterEHR.”

About Worksighted

Worksighted, Inc. is a customer-centric Information Technology firm providing enterprise-level IT management, support and consulting small and medium-sized businesses. A Microsoft Gold Partner, Worksighted offers refreshing IT solutions to businesses seeking a valuable IT partner. IT for Doctors is a division of Worksighted focusing on IT solutions for the Healthcare industry.

About BetterEHR

BetterEHR is a leader in the delivery, optimization and integration of electronic health records software and technologies. With our unique expertise in technology, workflows and the human factor, BetterEHR is positioned to help its healthcare clients achieve a better bottom line, deliver better patient care and experience a better quality of life; and to do it sooner rather than later.

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