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Worksighted offers remote backup solution.

Oct 08 2009

Worksighted is proud to offer LiveBackup, an off-site backup solution.  LiveBackup is a comprehensive data protection and business continuity solution that can scale with your business as your data strategy grows and evolves.  Whether you want the convenience of off-site backups or the security to recover an entire site, Worksighted’s LiveBackup is the perfect solution.

Worksighted’s three step approach to Business Continuity:

  1. Quick file recovery, within minutes
    Every file protected can be found quickly in our online database, whether stored in an on-site appliance or in our online vaults. Within just a
    few mouse clicks, any online version of a file can be restored to its original destination. Archived data can be retrieved within 24-48 hours.
  2. Quick failed server recovery, within 2 hours
    Using local virtualization technology, failed servers can be recovered quickly to an on-site appliance and run virtually as a temporary
    solution until our support team is able to re-provision a new server as a permanent solution for your organization.
  3. Quick disaster recovery for an entire site, within 48 hours
    Using virtualization technology within our datacenters, LiveBackup can recover your entire network off-site, providing access to critical applications over the Internet.

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