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Backup & DR: Keep Your Business Safe

May 08 2017

When you have digital assets, don’t flaunt them, protect them.

We’re talking IT backup and disaster recovery (DR) systems, you know, proven safeguards against cyberattacks and malware and hardware failures and natural catastrophes.

Just the little stuff that keeps IT managers awake at night.

Like most things in life, having the right plan in place is essential. And at Worksighted we couldn’t agree more – planning is in our DNA. The right IT backup and DR plan can test your system, prevent loss and recover vital data in the event of a disaster.

In other words, help you sleep much better.

The right strategy and solution

You need an IT backup and stress test that can determine how well your system can withstand critical situations. At the same time, it must operate at optimal capacity.

A good IT backup and DR plan should include:

  • off-site/cloud storage of important information
  • regular data saving and backup
  • fireproofing
  • protection against malware and viruses
  • regular audits of your stress-testing recovery plan to ensure your data, servers, intranets and LANs are protected in an emergency

When you actually have a stress-testing recovery plan, you can identify weaknesses and make improvements in your network’s defenses. This may then require data-loss-prevention and spam-filtering devices, mobile device management hardware, and firewalls for websites and applications.

Business processes and security applications

Before deciding on the best IT backup and DR plan, consider your business processes and how a loss of computing capability could affect them.

Each business is different.

Don’t forget your antivirus software, keeping it current on all workstations and servers within your internal LAN, to prevent virus outbreaks in your network. Keep all production servers/network devices up to date with the latest patches, and scan for vulnerabilities on a consistent basis.

In your IT backup and DR plan, also consider:

  • regular backups of all production-critical devices
  • secure and accessible recovery of those backups
  • a step-by-step recovery procedure that relevant personnel can understand clearly and initiate in an emergency.

Ultimately, partnering with Worksighted will ensure you have the best IT backup and DR plan for your business. The good news is we’ve watched as backup and DR systems have been converging for some years now.

That means today’s data backup software and hardware are more tightly integrated – and there are converged hardware products that can back up and replicate applications, eliminating the need for separate software. As a result, backup and DR are moving closer to becoming one all-inclusive process.

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