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Keeping the production floor running

You have deliveries, targets and projections to hit. The last thing you need are processes and infrastructure slowing you down and clogging up the production floor. Time is money after all. With our expertise in manufacturing IT services, we can build the fast and reliable solutions you need to get the job done.

Time is money

Let’s face it, downtime costs you big time. Whether you need to integrate your manufacturing execution system (MES), enhance collaboration on the production floor, or supercharge security infrastructure, we can make it happen.

The right systems and workflows keep you running lean. Our IT solutions for manufacturing companies help to take the complexity out of maintaining your IT environment, so you can focus on growing your business. Reliable and efficient technology is key to keeping your daily operations smooth and downtime, well, down.

Get support

Get strategy and support on: 

  • ERP, MES, EAS, and CRM integrations 
  • Infrastructure planning, installation and device procurement 
  • Cloud planning and migration 
  • Managed services support 
  • Security and compliance 
  • Business continuity and backup 


Determine the perfect solutions

Have a kick-off with our team and let us know your goals so we can find the right fit.


Time to plan

After that, we review your technical environment and begin to build a deployment plan that fits around you.


Deployment begins

Your new manufacturing IT solutions are seamlessly deployed across your infrastructure.


Ongoing assistance

As your strategic IT partner, we continue to monitor your digital transformation and help you reach the next level.

System integrations

Bring manufacturing systems together

As experts in IT solutions for manufacturing, we know how essential the integration and connectivity of your systems is to running a tight-knit production floor. Especially, your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and MES. Once both are integrated, you’ll have the power to make informed decisions that supercharge production performance and cycle times. 


Don’t forget about integrating the CRM too. It will create a comprehensive overview of your clients so you can better understand them and generate more conversions.

Secure services

Craft the right protection

Leaving your business exposed to cyberattacks is not an option. During a security breach, valuable data is up for grabs, and it can be lost in an instant. Malware protection and backup systems are the tools for this job.


Find the right platforms for your business and make comprehensive security a reality. Whether it’s Microsoft Defender, Cisco Umbrella cloud security or our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings, our security and business continuity teams are constantly working to keep your data safe.

Cloud migration

Boost production plant collaboration

A happy and efficient production plant is a connected one. To get there, our cloud-enabled collaboration services are the best pick. From the production floor to the back offices and remote workers, each part of your plant will be able to work together seamlessly, driving up cycle times.


Everything is kept in one place: invoices, strategy documents, client data, orders, yearly projections – it’s all under one digital roof so your team can share and collaborate with ease. You’ll also have password protection so interdepartmental collaboration can be safe as well as seamless.

Illustration - Transformation Assessments

“Partnering with Worksighted eliminates the need for us to find vendors for each project and their team has simplified our IT solutions which lowers my need to manage each purchase.”

Manufacturing IT Manager Grand Rapids, Michigan

Choose the right service for your manufacturing needs

Our services are here to help you adapt to a fast-paced digital world and improve cycle times.

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