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Focus on the issues that really matter

Your time is precious. We know that you want to focus on your donors and clients. We provide technology expertise and nonprofit IT services that can help you to keep those high priorities in focus. From data security to connecting your team locally and globally, we have your back.

Making your mission a success

Raising money, holding charitable functions, getting resources to those in need, and juggling IT can all be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right technology and support behind the scenes, and on the ground, you’ll have one less issue to worry about.

As experts in transforming IT services for nonprofits, we listen to your unique issues and propose solutions that allow you to get back to what’s important. From upgrading your infrastructure, building new workflows or enhancing security for your donors and clients, we help you to make the most of your resources and protect your data.

Get support

Get strategy and support on: 

  • VPN and remote connectivity for global outreach 
  • Security and compliance 
  • Business continuity and backup 
  • Infrastructure planning, installation and device procurement 
  • Cloud planning and migration 
  • Business transformation services


Discover the best solutions

Need to improve global outreach? Migrate to the cloud? Tell us your goals and we’ll find what works.


Align with your mission

Once we review your technology stack, we design a technology roadmap plan that works for you.


Easy deployment

Then we seamlessly deploy your nonprofit IT solutions across your entire infrastructure.


Always there for you

We’re long-term partners, supporting your digital transformation and mission.

Procurement services

Stick to your budget

Budgets are tight but your goals are big. Transformative change (the digital kind, that is) doesn’t cost a fortune. Trust us, we’ve been providing IT services for nonprofits for years. We can upgrade your existing systems, locate the right solutions and put the right devices in your hands without taking you over the red line. 


How do we do this? With our infrastructure planning, installation and device procurement services we get you the best prices for your devices. Reliable, secure, and scalable solutions are always within reach.


Connect your team globally

Your team is dispersed in the office and on the ground. To unite everyone, you need cloud collaboration systems that enable your team to function as a cohesive unit regardless of their location in the world.  


Sharing files, storing vital donor data, updating client lists and more is easy no matter where they are. And with password protection in place, only the right eyes see the right files. Now that’s how great teamwork happens.


Weather any storm

From cyber-attacks to system failures, your business should be prepared for the worst. If you’re storing highly sensitive donor and client data, you need the strongest defense to ensure that it doesn’t fall into malicious hands or is lost.


Our dedicated security and business continuity engineers are here to roll up their sleeves and ensure you have the most robust malware protection and backup systems in place. Whether it’s Cisco Umbrella cloud security or our Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS), your security is never compromised. This means you can focus solely on your goals knowing that the best protection is behind you.

Illustration - Security consulting - Protect your business


Measure success

You can’t change the world if you can’t monitor your success. Storing leads to convert into donors, maintaining donor relationships and other essentials are part of your daily operations. But ensuring a seamless flow of data from marketing to client support and more requires finesse. 


CRM integration breaks down data silos, ensuring client information can flow freely between all applications that are behind your nonprofit. By creating a detailed overview of your donors and prospects, you can understand the best methods to convert them to your cause. 


“Worksighted has been wonderful to work with and we now have a fully engaged IT partner. They assist us not only with our basic IT management needs but are also a partner that we can lean on when we are facing a technology challenge or are brainstorming on how we can advance our technology infrastructure.”

IT Manager for a Non-Profit Grand Rapids, Michigan

Choose the right service for your nonprofit needs

Our services are here to help you adapt to a fast-paced digital world and make your charitable cause a success.

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Our team is here to help whenever you need us. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch ASAP.