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Our 4-Step Approach to Implementing New Technology

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Worksighted Team May 30 2018

Change is the only constant in business, as it is said to be in life. Currently, many businesses around the world are in the process of digital transformation – i.e. introducing new digital technology to replace old legacy systems and moving their IT assets and infrastructure to the cloud.

However, implementing new technology can be daunting for organizations – there’s the cost, the logistics of undertaking the transformation, the employee training that will be required, and the fear of the unknown. Having reservations like this is understandable; yet, digital change is now becoming a must for all businesses that want to remain competitive. For many, it has become a case of now or never – it’s time to embrace change and drive your business into the 21st century.

There’s no need to go alone. Finding a trusted IT partner to help you is the best way to make a success of implementing new technology. At Worksighted, we take a four-step approach to help our customers get their new IT up and running to make a success of their new digital workplace going forward.

1. Plan

It goes without saying that planning is the first and most important step to implementing new technology. If you get your planning wrong, you can expect everything that follows to go wrong, too.

The first thing that needs to be understood is why a change is required and what problems the new technology should solve. No two digital transformations are the same, as you need to mould your technology to your business’s specific requirements. With so much to consider, consulting the experts is essential.

The Worksighted way: At the planning stage, you’ll work with our Account Management teams to identify technology that fits your business needs. They will also deliver a project timeline that fits your team and complements your strategic commitments.

2. Design

Now, at the design stage, we can move onto specifics. You need your technology to fit well with your company just like you would with a new employee. So, any implementation of new technology needs to consider your values, your people and your work culture – and most importantly the kind of tasks your employees will use the technology for. These important areas need to influence the design stage.

Our experts will work closely to understand what makes your company tick and design your IT to match. Using their significant experience of working with similar companies, they can design an IT solution that matches your specific needs.

The Worksighted way: Our Designers will craft a solution using our Solution Stack that will adapt to your business and scale as you continue to grow.

3. Implement

Now the hard work. If planning has been done correctly then there should be a clear roadmap in place to follow. There are many parts to implementation, of which physically implementing the new technology is only one. The new technology also needs to be rolled out to your employees the right way. This might include training days and/or rolling out the new technology in waves to specific teams first.

Any errors could result in downtime, where employees are unable to complete their work. Not only is this frustrating for your employees, but the company’s reputation can be damaged if customer experience is also significantly impacted.

Gaining and sustaining a high level of user adoption is also critical. There’s nothing worse than investing lots of money and time introducing new technology just to see your users ignore it or not using it to its full potential.

The Worksighted way: A dedicated Project Manager will reach out to you to discuss and review our implementation plan. Once complete, the project team reviews and tests your project from the bottom up to ensure everything is covered.

4. Support

Everything is up and running – your employees love the new technology, productivity is up, and you are already seeing a return on investment. Then, suddenly, something goes wrong.

With all technology, ongoing support is essential. When a business relies on technology, you need to have plans in place for reporting and then fixing any problems that might occur as quickly as possible. So, when investing in any new technology, it’s essential to also invest in top quality support. This shouldn’t be an afterthought, because by the time something has gone wrong, it’s already too late. It needs to be a fundamental part of any strategy to implement new technology, which is why we include ongoing support in our services.

The Worksighted way: Every project we complete ends with a support hand-off meeting. During this meeting, the project team informs our onsite and remote support teams of your project. That way, if something happens, our support engineers will have a good understanding of your specific system and how it functions.

Implementing new technology, the smart way.

Worksighted can help you plan and design your digital transformation, get your new technology up and running, and support you going forward. Implementing new technology should be all about the advantages – the increase in productivity, employee engagement, speeding up processes etc. – not about the risks of getting the implementation right.

Planning, designing, implementing, and supporting technology takes a lot of time and requires specialist knowledge. Outsourcing the implementation of new technology will help you gain valuable expertise and experience and free you up to focus on core work.  By teaming up with Worksighted, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

To find out more about Worksighted, our services and how we can help you implement new technology at your organization, get in contact with us today.

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