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Collaborate from Anywhere

Improve internal communication and collaboration by upgrading and streamlining your systems with Microsoft Teams. Allow your team to work remotely without feeling remote. How do we do it? It all starts with a Power Hour™ led by the Worksighted team.

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Kick things off with a FREE 60-Minute Power Hour™

What is a Power Hour™? A private, 60-min, exploratory consulting engagement with a Worksighted Engineer. You’ll receive a professional review of your business challenges, IT roadblocks, and opportunities to help secure & streamline your collaboration & productivity strategy. Here’s what you can expect from the session:


You’ll have an initial phone call with our team so we can pair you with an engineer that best aligns with your business & technology needs.


You will walk through a streamlined framework we’ve developed to give you an unfair advantage with modern workflows, insightful strategy and next-generation technology tailored to the unique needs of your organization.


We will use the information we’ve collected to compile a customized report that will serve as your atlas when navigating technology throughout the year.

Our Approach

Bring Your Team Closer Together

Collaboration and productivity tools help bring your organization together more efficiently and cost-effectively. Investing in this innovative approach leads to:

  • Increased team productivity
  • Simplified business processes
  • Improved workflows
  • Unified communication throughout the organization

Team up with Worksighted to upgrade your email, file sharing solution, productivity applications, VoIP systems, and more.

Digital note-taking with OneNote

Share & collaborate on the same file with your team in real-time

Collaborate with team members inside or outside your organization

Virtually chat, call, meet, and collaborate with your team from anywhere

Host internal meetings through call or video-chat

Secure file storage with offline access

Access your files from any device, anywhere

Schedule a free 60-minute Power Hour™

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