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Five Things to Start Using Your AI Bot For

Feb 19 2018

Killian:  Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Tech Riffs. My name is Killian and I’m a systems engineer here at Work Sighted. Every day a lot of us use different AI bots like Siri or OK Google to do the quick internet search or try some things with hands-free calling. Though flawed, these AI bots are actually capable of so much more. There’s some really cool things you can do and I’d like to show you five things today. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Number one. Conversions and calculations. More than just a calculator, your bot can easily convert dollars to euros, or inches to centimeters. Check this out.

Hey, Siri. What’s 1,000 yen in US dollars?

Siri:  1,000 Japanese yen is $9.16.

Killian: Number two. Flight status and shopping. Both Siri and Google know all about flight times. You can check a flight time based on the number or you can find a flight simply by saying, “OK Google, get me a flight to Chicago from Grand Rapids today.”

Google:  Got it. What’s your return date?

Killian: Next week, Wednesday.

Google:  Roundtrip flights from Grand Rapids to Chicago start at $327. Should I email you with any price changes?

Killian: Yes, please.

Number three. Scheduling. Setting up events with calendars is such a pain. Just tell your bot the what and when.

OK Google, schedule a meeting with marketing tomorrow at 2 P.M.

Google:  Okay. Do you want to save this?

Killian: Yes, please.

Google: Okay. Event created.

Killian:  Number four. Count calories. Watching your intake, Siri and Google can both fetch nutritional facts. But Siri’s a little bit more detailed.

Hey, Siri. How many calories are in an apple.

Siri: The answer is about 91 dietary calories.

Killian: Number five. Payments. Already rolled out for iPhones, payments is coming soon to Google as well. With integration with cash, PayPal, or other payment apps, this could be a game changer for quick transaction businesses.

For example: Hey, Siri. Send Vince Boileau $2 using the Cash app.

Siri: Okay. I have your cash payment of $2 to Vince. Do you want to send it?

Killian:  Send.

Siri: Cash sent your payment.

Killian: And that’s a wrap. You can learn more about this and other cool IT tips and tricks by going to and subscribing.

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