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5 Tips for Working Remotely and Staying Productive

Dec 10 2019

More than 10% of America’s workforce either work remotely or can work remotely. Whether working remotely full time or on occasion here are 5 tips that anyone can follow to ensure that you are staying productive when doing so

1. Dedicate a room or a quiet space

When trying to locate a space to work, think of a place where you can go that is quiet and free from distractions. Make that space look as close to your office as you can. Keep it clean and organized.

2. Plan your day

This is one of the most important habits and possibly the most important tip that I have for you. I personally like to bullet journal. I organize my tasks by priority listing the tasks that I absolutely must get done first. Everyone plans differently, but when working remotely it is important to have some type of plan for your day.

3. Look good, feel good

I mean we all love the idea of working from home so that we can wear our pajamas, right? While the thought is great, chances are you won’t feel as great as you would have, had you gotten ready for going into the office. Make a habit of getting dressed for the day, besides, I don’t know about you but every time I put my pajamas on, its instant nap time.

4. Be a part of your team

Working remotely can make one feel separated from their team, so what are some ways you can stay connected? First, use communication like Microsoft Teams. Teams keep coworkers connected by providing an instant chat tool for seamless communication. Not only that, Teams allow co-workers to conduct and attend meetings by way of voice or video chat.

5. Stay distraction-free

This is the hardest. It’s hard enough to eliminate distractions when you are at the office, how are you supposed to eliminate distractions from home, around all your favorite things? The first step ties back to the first tip. Dedicate a place to work. The second step is to make sure that your family and friends understand that even though you work from home, you are not available and still need to be working during certain hours. The third and final step is to restrict applications that you might be distracted by. Apple products provide a great application called screen time for this (also great for locking down children’s iPad) or if you are using windows 10 you can use the built-in screen time settings to limit your access to certain applications!

Working from home does not have to be tough. Stay productive, communicate often, and limit distractions and I promise- you won’t even notice that you are not in the office.

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