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Choose the Best Technology Hardware for Your Business, i.e. Stop Going to Best Buy

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Worksighted Team Jun 16 2021

There are many considerations to make when it comes to buying new devices and other hardware technology for your organization. Often the most tempting approach is to do whatever solves the problem quickest. It might seem like a good idea to order new laptops off Amazon on an ad-hoc basis or to run down to Best Buy to pick up whatever is in store that day.

But there is a better way for organizations to go about procuring new equipment. One that is more scalable, cost effective, and more likely to meet the requirements of your users. In this blog we will explain why partnering with an IT specialist like Worksighted can be a more efficient approach to finding the right technology hardware for your business.

So many choices… but what do we need?

From the price to the brand, from RAM specs to the processor model, from screen size to additional storage – when it comes to technology hardware for your business there’s a lot to consider. In truth, these are the same options you would be weighing up when purchasing a personal computer. For an organization, it is a whole different matter, and there are many other considerations that need to be made.

For an organization you also need to consider the following:

  • Does it meet the user’s requirements?
  • What are the user’s requirements?
  • How do these differ from role to role?
  • What software is included?
  • Will the user have everything they need?
  • Will they have the same apps and productivity tools as their colleagues?
  • What support is provided?
  • How quickly will replacement devices be provided?
  • What kind of warranty is included?
  • Does the employee work remotely?
  • What tech needs to be connected to the device?

Like everything in business, what’s needed is a strategy and a standardized approach. The ad-hoc approach will hold you back in the long term.

An IT specialist and dedicated hardware provider can help you procure the right technology hardware for your business – taking into account your unique business goals, current IT setup, company culture, and how your employees work best. What’s more, they can ensure you have the right hardware your employees require. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages.

Find the best technology hardware for your business

A dedicated hardware provider can offer a service that will meet your business’s needs in a way that Best Buy never could. Here’s why:

Support and partnership

When you buy from a retailer, you are likely buying a consumer-grade device, designed for occasional use. For modern organizations, your users are likely on their PCs 8+ hours a day 5 days a week. Their PC is the single most important tool to do their job, a device that can keep up with that kind of use with as little downtime as possible is key to efficiency. You will want to look for a business-grade PC with a warranty that matches your refresh cycle and accident coverage that will keep your employees up and running as much as possible.

At Worksighted we have a close partnership with Dell. We know Dell inside and out and can use Dell support in a way that ensures you get the right support whatever the problem. Some issues can be resolved by our technicians, but others may be better suited for Dell. But this isn’t something you have to worry about. We’ll sort it out for you.

Customized for your evolving needs

A dedicated partner will get to know how your organization works and can therefore build a strategy to meet your requirements. For instance, imagine a new designer is joining your company. The right technology partner will know the specs needed for this role, the RAM, the software etc. All you need to do is provide the starting date and they will deliver the device in time for a seamless onboarding experience.

Many organizations want uniformity, knowing that employees are working on similar machines and on the same software – as this can simplify hardware issues but also improve collaboration and productivity. A good technology partner can provide this – and at scale.

Another benefit is the peace of mind and user experience that comes with a standardized approach. We take control of everything for you, so it’s configured and ready to go. And unlike a Best Buy purchase, there will be no bloatware clogging up the device and slowing it down.

Lifecycle management

It’s no secret that hardware performance reduces over time. With Best Buy and other one-off purchases, you do not gain the ongoing relationship that you would with a dedicated hardware provider. You get no upgrade options, and in two years when the device starts to whimper, you need to go back to the store.

We provide long-term warranty and lifecycle management. We will work with you to optimize lifecycle management so that we can reduce your costs, based on the size of your teams and the requirements they have for the technology. Buying in bulk comes hand in hand with this approach too – another great way to reduce costs.

Remote working

Remote working has provided many challenges for organizations. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic caught many off guard, and this caused immediate problems around who has what equipment at home. But it’s important to note that remote working is here to stay, at least to a larger degree than before the pandemic.

Remote working complicates many of the challenges of hardware procurement. The truth is that more can go wrong when people are dispersed in different locations. In an office, there is more control, you potentially have equipment to spare, and a field technician can visit on a regular basis to make sure everything is working.

At Worksighted, we have adapted our approach to fully cater for remote working. So, to return to the example above, if a new designer is joining the organization, we can set up their kit for them and have it delivered to their home, so they are ready to go on day one.

Grow your business with Worksighted

Worksighted work with growing businesses to make sure they have the right technology to help them meet their business goals. When it comes to hardware procurement, management, and support, we provide a dedicated service which is highly scalable, cost effective, and tailored to your business. If you want the best technology hardware for your business, we are here to help.

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