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The Cost of Poor Server Security

Apr 24 2017

Keeping your business secure should be your number one priority. Hackers are ruthless when it comes to breaking and entering your security system. Hacking one network to access a more critical network is a common tactic among hackers. When a server message block (SMB) networks with a larger customer, a vulnerability in their system influences the security of a customer’s network. By breaking into an SMB, a hacker can access confidential information.

Hackers don’t always act immediately, they can lurk for as long as they like, waiting until high-trafficked holidays like Black Friday or Christmas Eve. Thanks to a virus or Trojan horse, online retailers with a database of credit cards can see if the information has been stolen. It’s crucial for businesses to frequently check the security of their networks.

Worksighted believes the customer has the right to show up for network spot checks at any time, so it’s in the larger customer’s best interest to let partners know if one of their networks has been caught with inadequate security.

Leadership required: A survey done by Kaspersky Lab’s Global IT Security Risks found:

  • There’s an 8% decrease in anti-malware solutions on mobile devices.
  • 44% of businesses don’t have a security solution.
  • 52% of respondents think that their organization needs to improve its response plan for a data breach

46% of the survey respondents voiced concern about their leadership’s knowledge of security risks their company faces. It’s evident most people in a position of leadership overlook the security risks their company faces, especially when statistics show 90% of businesses have experienced external threats.

Improving the confidence employees have in their organization’s security is vital. Businesses need to stress the importance of security to their leadership team, so their employees and company are protected.

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