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Build the Future Today: Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry

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Worksighted Team Sep 28 2018

Digital transformation in the construction industry is delivering on its promise to shake up the foundations of work and what can be achieved. New cloud-based technologies are allowing more to be done by construction workers on-site as well as back at company headquarters, empowering workers, streamlining processes, and driving productivity. One key problem is managing and optimizing the flow of the data between your employees and your IT systems, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Ensuring that your new digital IT set-up allows you to capture, access, and share all the information you need when you need it is key.

In this post, we look at digital transformation in the construction industry and pinpoint the main areas that construction organizations should focus on.

Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry

There is a lot of potential for radical technological change in the construction industry. But is this where construction companies should be putting their focus?

Future Technologies

Technologies which only recently seemed destined to remain in the realm of science fiction look set to soon become a reality. There’s a lot of talk about autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, and wearable technology and the application of these to the construction industry. For instance, AI-powered self-driving cranes and bulldozers could be used to boost productivity and safety on the construction site.

This may all be true, yet for many construction organizations, the reality is that there’s still much to do today before thinking about these types of emerging technologies.

The Cloud, Mobile Working, and Document Management

The big change in recent years has been the arrival of cloud technology. Through the cloud, construction workers can connect to tools, knowledge, and information anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Construction workers can use mobile devices connected to the cloud to remain in constant communication with other colleagues on site and with those back at headquarters. Specific details such as client information or building plans are available at the click of a button, as the company’s document management system can be accessed as and when it is required. This can help workers make more informed decisions that lead to better outcomes on site.

Also, construction workers can capture info through forms, or even by uploading photos/videos and documents to report progress, costs or to report problems as and when they occur. These can be saved in the right place as documents of record, boosting transparency and accountability, as well as removing a reliance on paperwork.

Where to Start

The first step is setting up a system that can maintain this flow of data, one which is fast, reliable, and robust. Your organization needs the IT infrastructure, systems, and support to make sure this works efficiently all the time. Once this is all set up, then you can start thinking about more radical technological changes. For instance, wearable technology can improve health and safety, such as alerting staff who are wearing the smart devices when they enter a hazardous area. But first, you need the infrastructure to support this. A good solid IT foundation that leverages the power of the cloud and empowers your workers through mobile working needs to come first. Only when you get this right will you be able to ensure further IT investment adds value to the business.

Construction Technology

Worksighted Can Help You Build and Grow

Construction organizations need fast, reliable, and robust IT systems. At Worksighted we offer services that help you build a strong foundation across the board. Whether it’s a one-off project or a long-term partnership, we have the skills and expertise to take your construction business to the next level.

Our construction IT services include:

  • Construction collaboration, planning, and productivity solutions
  • Seamless VPN and remote job site support
  • Security and compliance
  • Business continuity, and disaster recovery planning and testing
  • Infrastructure planning, installation, and device procurement
  • Cloud planning and migration
  • Managed services support

We offer both managed IT services and professional IT services to supercharge digital transformation in the construction industry. Our managed IT services are prefect for supporting long term construction IT, including strategic planning, security and on-going proactive support. Our professional IT services offer short term expertise and execution on specific projects, from the initial planning through to design, implementation, and support. You can read more about our IT services for construction here.

To find out more about how to leverage digital technology in the construction industry to improve your business or to find out more about our specific services, get in touch with us and grow your business. We have worked with several leading construction organization in the Michigan area. You can read about these organizations and find more detail about our construction and engineering services here.

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