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Driving Digital Transformation: Should You Prioritize Technology or Culture?

Apr 17 2018

The reality is that the digital workplace is no longer something that companies should think about for the future. It’s well and truly here. And organizations who are already driving digital transformation have a clear advantage. Meanwhile, the window is shrinking for the rest to begin their digital transformation journey. Soon they will be too far behind their competitors. So, what’s stopping companies from driving digital transformation?

Developing the right digital workplace is not just about deploying the latest technology. Too many organizations neglect the culture of change and adjust working practices that must accompany any change.

A real and progressive transformation requires an equal level of attention on:

  1. The latest technology: A cloud-based IT infrastructure is essential to facilitate the flexibility and collaborative nature of modern business.
  2. An agile culture: Businesses must adopt flexible working processes to take advantage of the technology at their disposal.

In this post, we will explore how technology and a culture of change work together to drive digital transformation.

Entwining Enterprise Tech and Company Culture

The rate of change (for both technology and how we use it) is apparent everywhere you look. As consumers, we’re presented with a fresh batch of smartphones to choose from every year. While social media enables us to talk to anyone from almost anywhere in the world within seconds. As we spend increasingly more time with technology, the amount of data we generate is growing exponentially, and the ways we communicate with one another, and the means to do so, come with a new level of expectation.

In the business world, there is a need to build a new ‘rhythm’ to how work gets done to match these expectations. This is done through entwining enterprise technology with a digital culture.

When driving digital transformation, we believe this can be broken down into three core areas: Scalability, Connectivity, and Security.


A digital workplace should be able to mold to organizations of any size. This is scalability—enabling businesses to expand or contract their IT environment so they are only paying for the IT solutions they need. By removing the ‘excess’ of your IT architecture, you can streamline operating expense. Workers are granted a similar level of flexibility, as they’re able to work on documents simultaneously with colleagues, work remotely, and work with all the applications they need with ease.

The right technology: With a cloud-based IT infrastructure, organizations can build the environment most suited to their needs to increase performance and reduce costs.

The correct working culture: A scalable, cloud-based environment will undergo a near-constant state of change, as technology updates continue to roll through. Change management must therefore also become a constant, so end-users are always aware of how to get the most out of their work.

With so many intangibles and combinations to an efficient cloud environment, you need to know exactly which solutions are the most suited to your business requirements. Worksighted can upgrade your business’ IT infrastructure and help end-users fully understand the new environment to aid user adoption.


Improved connectivity is perhaps the main draw of the digital workplace. Employees that are better equipped to communicate and collaborate in real-time, both one-to-one and as part of a team, can expect real improvements to their productivity and engagement.

The right technology: Cloud-based IT platforms like Office 365 contain a myriad of apps that improve communication and collaboration—instant chat through Skype for Business and Teams, document management and collaboration through SharePoint Online and the Office apps, and many more.

The correct working culture: connectivity in the cloud can enable end-users to work better together as well as work better away from the office. Leaders must encourage employees to work in ways most suited to them. For example, setting up a project in Teams and moving business process over to the Teams tool.

The right enterprise cloud platform can enable substantial benefits to end-user productivity—from simplifying business processes to unified communication throughout the organization. Worksighted can assist in the planning and actual migration to cloud platforms like Office 365.


From an increase in cyberattacks to widescale changes to how data is handled in the cloud, there are many factors that make the security of your cloud-IT environment paramount.

The right technology: Advanced security software can protect against malicious attacks in the cloud. A combination of dedicated antivirus protection and business-wide data backups leave companies more protected and better able to deal with problems if they do occur.

The correct working culture: Employees must be aware of the correct ways to deal with data in line with company and industry regulations. The sharing of personal data, the length of data retention, and how information should be shared with external parties are all areas of consideration, and therefore areas employees must understand.

From around-the-clock Network Monitoring & Alerts, to anti-malware protection, Network Security and daily backup checks, Worksighted offer the complete package of security services for businesses in need of additional safeguarding for their IT environment, with anytime remote support when you need it.

Driving Digital Transformation with Worksighted

Worksighted strives to combine both technology and culture to help businesses drive digital transformation. We provide a range of services and solutions to cover your digital transformation, taking the time to understand your company needs so we can implement the right technology for your business.

With Worksighted you can relax knowing you’re not only getting the latest technology to keep up with your competitors but also the right technology deployed in a way that will ensure high levels of adoption. That way you can prioritize both technology and culture.

For more information on how Worksighted can assist in your digital transformation journey, get in touch with us today.

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