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Awesome Developments in Downtown Holland

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Worksighted Team May 17 2018

The energy was unmistakable. Scanning the room, there was hardly an empty seat. The line stretched to the door. Baristas were everywhere, taking orders, preparing drinks, and answering questions.

College students were collaborating on projects. Retirees were catching up on the latest news. Coffee fanatics were analyzing the taste of their beverages – and it was only 7:30 a.m.

That was the recent scene at the new Ferris Coffee in downtown Holland. After months of anticipation, the coffee shop at 57 E. 8th St. opened just in time for Tulip Time.

The remodeled interior, which features modern white walls with an interesting, patterned accent section, hardly resembles the old JP’s Coffee that used to be there. That’s a good thing. Ferris Coffee Holland is a new coffee shop, with a new identity, and new momentum.

“We have already received great enthusiasm from the Holland community and the Ferris team looks forward to serving customers and exploring the new and creative opportunities that come along with this opening,” said Lina Lash, Ferris Coffee content manager.

In other words, it’s a perfect fit for downtown Holland, an area with, let’s see, an extra shot of momentum in its metaphorical coffee cup.

Exciting businesses have recently opened and even more are on the horizon. Therefore, we decided to compile everything into one, easy-to-read post for your benefit. You can thank us later – maybe a medium West Coast Blend coffee from Ferris, room for cream, and one of their frosted donuts with sprinkles on them. But seriously, just an idea. No pressure.

Recent openings

These places opened within the last month. Which means you can check them out after you finish this article. Or sentence.

deBoer Bakkerij Southside

A few minute jog from downtown, if you haven’t indulged in the aforementioned donut, is the new satellite location of a legend: deBoer Bakkerij. It’s Northside location is hopping every weekend with those interested in a hearty breakfast or a take-home bakery treat.

With such a strong following in place and a need for more space, they decided to completely renovate an old Mexican restaurant at 380 W. 16th St. into deBoer Bakkerij Southside. It opened in early April. The business is breathing new life into the neighborhood adjacent to downtown and the Lake Macatawa waterfront.

The food sounds tantalizing because a recent social media post advertised the following items. Orzo with feta and artichoke. Honey beet and arugula. Thai peanut with whole grain spaghetti. Come on. Throw in hot and cold sandwiches, soups, breakfast, and, drum roll please, a full-service coffee bar, and you have a winner. Raise your Americanos to that.

Tulip Time’s new office 

Each year Holland hosts a top-notch festival, one that provides a huge economic benefit to area businesses, thanks to the skill and dedication of Tulip Time employees.

But in recent years they have worked in an outdated building that didn’t align with their impact.

That building is gone now, making way for developments we will touch on soon, and Tulip Time recently opened a new office on the ground floor of a new mixed-use development at 42 W. 8th St.

The modern working space is bright, open and collaborative. The front lobby has plenty of windows and is inviting to visitors. There is an impressive meeting space, break space and even private phone call space.

With the festival over, stop in, thank them for their efforts, and ask for a tour. Just don’t ask where the Dutch dancing is.

Future Development

These developments are on the way. Some are very visible, while others have hardly started.

Holland Civic Center

This renovation was a long time coming. If you ever visited the old Holland Civic Center, you used words like “charm” and “character” and “traditional” to describe it. Nice words for, you know, saying “the building is incredibly old and if this event wasn’t here, and my grandma hadn’t invited me, I would not step foot in this place.”

After many years of discussion and private donors stepping up, the city of Holland agreed to a multi-million dollar plan. Construction began last summer and there is a noticeable difference on the street level since the building received a complete facelift. It’s expected to reopen in October 2018.

Some highlights of the new center will be an indoor market space, more room for sporting events, a second-floor flex space, and air conditioning. Instead of primarily hosting sporting events, the new Holland Civic Center will be able to host concerts, wedding receptions, and corporate parties as well.

So out with the old … smell, and in with fresh food, tribute bands, and uncles that really know how to dance.


Let there be hops! Just down the road and up the hill from the Civic Center construction, land at 84 W. 8th St. will become the new HopCat Holland in early 2019.

A fixture in downtown Grand Rapids for many years, HopCat has aggressively expanded to places like Kalamazoo, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, and other larger cities across the country.

But little old Holland? This was a surprise, and a welcomed surprise at that.

The 6,200-square-foot restaurant will seat 250 people indoors and 70 outdoors. Don’t forget the 80 taps. Whether you are leaving a play at the Holland Civic Theatre or a wedding at the new Civic Center or a movie down the street (see section below), there is another excellent gathering spot for residents and visitors alike.

Call it a purr-fect addition.

Sperry’s Moviehouse

Hopcat’s future neighbor, in the same development, will offer the magic of Hollywood.

The 11-screen movie theater, known as Sperry’s Moviehouse, will hold 500 seats and show primarily mainstream movies.

The first floor is expected to house a box office, concession stand, and multiple movie screens.  Meanwhile, the second floor will have the remaining screens and a restaurant and lounge, offering food and drinks that can be taken into the theaters.

Now we’re talking.

When the theater is complete in spring 2019, you won’t have to drive everywhere for dinner and a movie. Find a parking spot in the parking garage under construction, eat at one of the many local establishments downtown and then walk down the street to a movie.

A bright future

So start enjoying the recent developments in downtown Holland and get amped for the future developments. Support the momentum. Tweet about it. Tell your friends. Oh, and don’t forget our frosted donut….

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