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FindTime: Taking the “Ugh” Out of Meeting Scheduling Since 2015

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Worksighted Team Apr 14 2020

“Go ahead and schedule something…”

Anyone who’s ever said, “Sure, I’ll schedule something” can relate to the dread and horror that follows when you start opening calendars. Thoughts that I personally have had:

  • Why are there no gaps?!
  • Ok, there’s no way that’s a real meeting.
  • “Clarity Break” is something I can put on my calendar?
  • How can one person have so many appointments?
  • What if I just ignore their calendar and they can move their other stuff around…
Microsoft FindTime Addin

 In addition, I’ve found these little grenades make scheduling meetings an actual impossibility: 

  • People who don’t keep updated calendars (Just add travel time and we won’t have this problem, Jeff!)
  • An owner or C-level person is required to attend
  • More than 3 participants
  • You’re even remotely close to a holiday
  • You need to include someone outside the company

Well friends and cat-wranglers, I have great news. It’s a sweet sweet little Outlook addin that will give you back your sanity: FindTime by Microsoft.

What I LOVE about this tool:

1. It’s free. If you use Office 365, Microsoft has already included this – you just have to install the addin. Thank you nerds at Office Garage! (Lookin’ at you, Doug)

2. Takes the onus off of me. I’m not the calendar slave anymore! I give options – my people fill in when could work for them. (It’s on them to remember when they have travel time.)

3. Automatically, a meeting is created once everyone responds. IMMEDIATELY reserving it, so I don’t have to worry about being too late.

 Here’s a link to install the app. You’ve earned it:

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