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Now hiring: Holland-area tech companies share recruiting tactics

Jul 18 2016

As featured in the Holland Sentinel

July 16 – Justine McGuire @hollandsentinel (616) 546-4290

At a time when the labor pool seems to be drying up Holland-area tech firms are bringing in droves of talent.

Ottawa County’s unemployment rate was 3 percent, the lowest in the state, in May, the most recent data available.

“Technology is really what’s driving the economy, it makes sense that these firms are growing and prospering,” said Jennifer Owens, president of Lakeshore Advantage.

Collective Idea, a software development company, has hired five people so far in 2016 and eight in the past year, bringing its total to 28 employees, plus two interns.

Worksighted, an IT support company, hired 10 people in the past six months and 16 in the past year. Total employees comes to 52, including three interns. Up to five positions are available right now.

“It’s tough when you’re constantly hiring because there’s only so many channels that we have,” said Mike Harris, co-owner of Worksighted, 275 Hoover Blvd. in Holland Township. “Every time I want an apple, if I pick it from the same tree at some point you have to wait a while before they grow back.”

Driesenga & Associates, an engineering, surveying and testing company, hired 20 employees since the beginning of 2016, five of whom work in Holland at its corporate office. It’s employee total sits at 60 companywide (throughout Michigan) with 20 in Holland.

Disher, a company providing engineering solutions and talent acquisition, employs about 120 people between Holland and Ann Arbor, about 100 work in Holland. Two people are dedicated to internal hiring.

“They’re all very focused on the quality of the workplace and engaging the workforce,” Owens said of the companies named above. “Engaging, I think, is the secret sauce to attracting talent in the future.”

Each company shared part of their “secret sauce” recipe with The Sentinel. Read the four things they’re doing here

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