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Is Your Data More at Risk From External Cyberattacks or Internal Security Threats?

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Worksighted Team May 02 2018

If we have learned anything from the recent Facebook data mining controversy, it’s just how far some companies will go to harvest this precious marketing resource. It may not be surprising then that data has been called the new oil. From recognizing customer trends to gleaning insights into greater operational efficiency, data is what companies in every industry are using to get a step up on the competition. Protecting the information you hold in your organization—whether it’s marketing data on your customers or the personal information of your employees—is paramount to staying compliant and keeping the trust of those you work with and for.

Another parallel rise is the threat of cybercrime. Businesses must be more vigilant than ever against cyber attacks. A lot of the time, the goal of cybercriminals is to gain access to an organization’s data and use it for their own nefarious means. However, external threats to your organization’s data are not the biggest risk you face. The reality is, most data breaches occur ‘from the inside’ – from employees that are unaware of data security best practice. Whether breaches occur internally or externally, the consequences are equally severe. Companies should look towards dedicated security solutions for total data protection.

As Volume Rises So Do Internal Security Threats

As tech continues to evolve, we are now producing far more data than ever; using, analyzing and storing it in many ways and accessing it through several mediums. Alongside this data creation is content being accessed outside of the office and on various mobile devices more frequently. While this higher volume of data helps shape how you run your business. Working on your content remotely gives you great flexibility, but it also leaves you vulnerable to data breaches which could seriously compromise your operations.

Often when we think and talk about data breaches these days, we tend to think of cyber criminals, hackers, rogue nation states or corporations looking for a step up on the competition. But, the biggest threat to your organization’s data is you. Most breaches occur because of poor management, out-of-date technology, and untrained staff, rather than malicious agents attacking from the outside. Let’s look at some of the biggest internal security threats your business faces.

BYOD/mobile issues

When your teams are bringing their mobile devices into the office to get work done, and then bringing them home again there can be issues with network access and how they view corporate information away from the office. Not to mention leaving their device in the back of a cab or on a train. There is also a higher chance of shadow IT being used across the business, which can bring its own security risks, including an increased risk of data loss, data breach, and cybersecurity risks

Poor permissions management/information leaks

You should have a strategy in place that allows you to control access to your data. You may have folders or documents that only specific users can access, and you may have certain documents that are for external use. Perhaps you wish to make some documents available to all users over a certain management level but restrict those documents to certain clients. Likewise, you must set policies regarding external devices to remove information from the company network, such as USB keys or even CDs. This needs to be put into action if you are to reduce the risk of either unauthorized employees or third parties accessing sensitive information.

The (disgruntled) ex-employee

Ex-employees don’t even have to leave under a cloud to be a security threat. Once someone leaves there should be an off-boarding procedure that includes removing their network access, returning any company mobile devices, and wiping them. If not, they could maliciously or inadvertently expose, steal, or sell sensitive information and leave your business to pick up the pieces.

Uneducated staff

Another big threat to your network is employees who lack the knowledge or awareness of IT security best practice. This could be not recognizing threats coming from outside agents, such as a suspect email, or it could be something like using a weak password (or none at all) and even telling their colleagues what their password is. With the right amount of training and warning, most employees can learn to recognize tactics by cyber-criminals, like phishing scams, and be more vigilant about their own security processes.

Worksighted Has Got Your Back

At Worksighted, we specialize in understanding new technologies and markets to help our customers keep ahead of the IT trends to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Cybersecurity and protecting against internal security threats are high on the priority list for companies of all sizes, but especially SMEs. Smaller companies can often struggle to survive a bad security breach. And it is these combines who also may not have the adequate time or resources to devote to sophisticated security planning. That’s where Worksighted comes in. We can take care of all your security concerns, like BYOD planning, non-employee access multiple connectivity options, and more. When it comes to security from both external and internal threats, Worksighted has got your back.

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