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Making Teams the Base of Operations for Your Remote Workforce

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Worksighted Team Apr 30 2021

Times are tough for growing businesses. To meet the current challenges posed by the pandemic, organizations need to boost productivity, connect employees, and foster an effective company culture. Organizations need to make the shift to Teams as your base of operations.

This is harder now that employees are working from home, and so the ‘base of operations’ has had to move online. Microsoft Teams has all the attributes and capabilities to meet these challenges and become this base of operations for a remote and dispersed workforce.

In this whitepaper, we discuss some of the problems posed by the pandemic, the nature of remote working today, and how Teams is rising to the challenge. We have highlighted how Teams integrations, especially with Microsoft’s Power Platform, can help organizations take their base of operations and digital workplace to the next level.

Meeting the Challenge of the Times

In the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the workplace. New cloud-based and mobile technology has changed the way we work, giving employees more freedom to work anywhere, at any time. The advent of this ‘digital workplace’ has transformed how employees communicate and collaborate – and it has the potential to help growing businesses reach new levels of productivity.

Many organizations were in the early stages of digital transformation journeys when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The workplace has perhaps changed for the long-term. As organizations consider how to optimize remote working, it is essential to adopt a ‘base of operations’ that helps boost productivity, brings your employees closer together, and fosters company culture.

What Is a Base of Operations?

A base of operations is traditionally the physical headquarters of an organization. You might refer to the city or town you are located in or the name of the building. But now that everyone is remote, the usual base of operations must move online.

In this context, when we talk about a base of operations, we’re really talking about how organizations use technology to achieve optimal communication, engagement, and alignment as a business on an ongoing basis. At Worksighted, we believe there are a few essential characteristics of a base of operations.

It should:

  • Enable productivity, communication, and collaboration.
  • Help establish and maintain company culture.
  • Be flexible, customizable, and adaptable to deal with change.

Organizations must make sure they put in the right base of operations if they are to overcome the current challenges posed by the pandemic.

The problem is only partly a technology one. Yes, employees need the right tools to collaborate and communicate in a remote setting. But it is also an engagement issue, where developing and maintaining company culture is crucial to success. Bringing people together, so they can work better on projects, access the technology they need, and feel part of a unified whole – that’s what a base of operations is all about.

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