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Cisco Meraki Customer Success Story featuring Marxmoda

Feb 13 2017

In this video David Overberg, Executive Vice President of Operations at Marxmoda, talks about the successful deployment of a Cisco Meraki solution and it’s impact on the staff throughout the state.

About Marxmoda

MarxModa is the “new” Herman Miller Michigan office furniture dealer. Adding to the knowledge and experience from previously known Facility Matrix Group and WorkSquared as a starting point, MarxModa is the beginning of something special. Moda is Latin for a way of living or style, and we expect to deliver an enhanced work environment that enables unprecedented performance to our client partners.

Offering a wide array of furniture options, MarxModa blends our customers’ desired culture, current and future technology needs, and key business processes to deliver office environments that enhance results. Our commitment to be the best partner drives our passion to excel. Offices in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Traverse City help drive the personal touch to sustain lasting relationships throughout Michigan.

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What we do is we go in and we take the biggest asset that you have which is the people and we create work environments that enable the people to do their job more efficiently and more effectively. MarxModa is a combination of two companies. We had two different ITM constructures going side-by-side. We went and working with Worksighted decided that we needed to look to see what was the best solution for us to solve our problem of combining everything under one umbrella but also that was going to grow with us into the future.

The most attractive thing about Meraki was the feature set that it brought to us as a company with multiple locations. Connectivity was really important to us. If I, in our Pontiac headquarters location but I travel to our Lansing sales office I should be able to fire up my laptop and get right onto the system, be able to get to the drives I needed to get to our dealer business operating system. We also use the Meraki-Z1 device for our remote workers. That ability for them to be able to tie back into the main infrastructure from any of the outside remote offices and as a remote worker was really important, so that they’re up all the time.

The thing that we’re really watching right now is traffic shaping. We’re putting limits on people using certain applications. We have a lot of different generations at work so everybody has a different thing they want to go do in terms of Facebook and things like that during the work hour. We can traffic shape how much bandwidth we’re allowing these different applications or internet sites allow through the system. Meraki’s helped us grow the business in a sense that it gives us really strong reliability, that we’re able to stay up 99.9% of the time right now. That allows us to meet our customer’s demands. It also allows us to allow for that new generation of workers to work remotely at their home or another place so it makes a very seamless work environment for our employees.

Our relationship started with Worksighted about 10 years ago and it’s been growing everyday since. It’s a great relationship and then Meraki is just an added piece to that. Cisco is a great partner to Worksighted, they have a great solution in the Meraki solution. It just brings everything home adding to the value partnership that we have with Worksighted.

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