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Microsoft Office 365 Rebrand Coming April 21st

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Worksighted Team Apr 16 2020
Microsoft 365

Microsoft has been hinting for a while that a rebrand was in the works. A few years ago when Microsoft 365 was first announced, there was quite a bit of confusion between it and Office 365. We are glad to see some progress bringing clarity to this side of the Microsoft lineup. 

Currently, there are two “families” of Office 365 products, the business suite and the enterprise suite.  No changes have been announced for the enterprise suite at this point, so those will stay the same Office 365 Pro Plus, E1, E3, E5. This rebrand covers the business suite offerings. So, what does it mean to you? 

Well essentially, unless you are a person tasked with mass installing licenses throughout a company, nothing will change on your end. The same levels of service and experience can be expected within each product, at it’s most basic level this is simply a rebrand. And, most importantly the pricing will remain the same.

Microsoft 365 Name Changes

Reference the chart above to see the new names for each product line and the chart below to see what is included. If you ask us, these names make it a bit easier to understand and we are all for this change. Navigating the Office 365 naming scheme can be a wild adventure. 

Microsoft 365 Name Changes

These new names take over on April 21st.  We are hopeful that more improvements are on their way, but for now, we’ll say sionara to Office 365 and aloha to the full lineup of Microsoft 365 products. 

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