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Why Your Organization Needs the Microsoft Power Platform in 2021

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Worksighted Team Apr 15 2021

As the world moves on from an unprecedented year of disruption and change, technology is playing a more important role in our working lives than ever. Whether your company is going back to the office, staying remote or looking towards a hybrid model – technology like the Microsoft Power Platform hold the key to keeping you connected and productive wherever your employees are working from.

In this blog, we’ll look at how Power Automate, Power BI and Power Apps can take your business to the next level in 2021 and beyond.

Improve Your Remote Working Setup

In 2021, remote working looks set to stay a big part of our lives. For many companies, the challenge now is to find ways of making such a setup as sustainable and productive as possible in the long run. Luckily, the right technology can help with that.

Through Power Automate, you can automate many common workplace processes, such as onboarding, invoicing and more. This makes collaboration in the remote workplace much easier, because the tasks associated with these processes can be automatically assigned, moving seamlessly from person to person. As well as this, through Power Apps, you can also build custom workplace apps to help manage and govern everything from attendance to appraisals and expense filing. With the Microsoft Power Platform, the sky really is the limit.

Visualize and Connect Your Business Data

When everybody is in the office, it’s much easier to get a good sense of how and what everybody is working on. But in the remote working world, this can be much more difficult to gauge. It’s still really important for managers to understand how their people are working, however, both for billing purposes and to monitor how and where improvements can be made.

This is where Power BI comes in. Microsoft’s native data visualization tool allows you to collect and visualize a vast wealth of information about how your employees are working and the tools they’re using. This gives you the information you need to proactively provide a better and more profitable workplace both today and in future.

Cut Costs

Through the Power Platform, your organization can improve the productivity of your everyday processes and cut costs. That’s because Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps are low-code platforms that allow non-IT employees and line of business leaders to get started creating their own business processes.

Once upon a time, building a custom business app would involve an expensive and time-consuming process, involving coding experts. But with low-code tools, it’s easier than ever to improve the technology you use without putting down a prohibitive cost investment. Whether that’s creating a new dashboard for employee insights through Power BI or a custom expense filing platform through Power Apps, Power Platform has all the tools to cut costs and increase productivity.

Enhance Security and Compliance

In 2021, security and compliance standards are higher than ever. Laws like the GDPR place stringent regulations on how companies handle personal data – and there are potentially big consequences for those businesses that get it wrong. Luckily, Power Apps can help, by accelerating, automating, and improving the processes involved with compliance and information protection.

Ensuring data compliance generally involves making sure that data is saved in the right place, that it can be shared only between the right people, and that it’s deleted after the required length of time. Through Power Automate, you can set manual reminders for people to delete sensitive information after a selected period of time. You can also ensure that these automated processes automatically save information in the right folder and apply the right access permissions via Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels. This ensures that sticking to your compliance obligations is quick and easy for everybody involved – no matter where they’re working from.

Get Ahead With Microsoft Power Platform

With the Power Platform you can achieve almost anything – whether you’re working in the office, your kitchen or the local coffee shop. With the right technology, anybody with drive and initiative can start designing new processes, apps, and workflows to help your business deliver more. Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, enable compliance or understand more about the way your people work – Microsoft Power Platform holds the keys to your success.

If you want to find out more about how Power Platform can help your business adapt to the world of remote working, get in touch with the team at Worksighted.

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