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What’s New in Office 2016?

Jul 25 2016

The changes brought in with the launch of Microsoft Office 2016 are fundamental, running deeper than simple design changes. Under the surface of Office 2016 runs a river of new collaboration features. The updates, says Microsoft, are all about “we work,” not “me work.”

Collaboration is the connecting thread of Office 2016. It is most prominent in the share button now present at the top of every app. Microsoft wants to make it easy for you to be a team player, and for you to be able to play with whatever equipment you want to bring to the game: PC, Mac, tablet, or phone.

Across the suite 

It is easier to work together when you can see each other. Users can now Skype call and text each other from within documents.

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Word Excel Outlook
In a blow for Google Docs, users working together on a document can now see each other typing in real time in Word 2016 for Windows. They can also use Smart Lookup to review contextual information from sources like Wikipedia without leaving their document. “Business intelligence” is the heart of Excel 2016. Excel now has:
● The ability to forecast results based on the data it has
● Power Query, which pulls in data from outside sources like databases and webpages
● Pivot tables that can handle dates
● New charts and graphs to display all that business intelligence
● Virtual workspaces so users can work together on a document instead of emailing complex spreadsheets back and forth
Outlook is the hub for many of Office 2016’s collaboration features. The new Groups feature lets you pull project groups together easily. There are also myriad productivity improvements — like Outlook offering you a list of recently modified files when it sees you want to send an attachment. Meanwhile, the new Clutter feature will learn what non-essential emails to sift out of your way.

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