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Microsoft Office Lens Overview

Jan 01 2018

Killian:           Hey everyone. Welcome to another episode of Tech Riffs. My name is Killian and I’m a Systems Engineer here at Work Sighted. If you’re still fumbling around with the scanner for one or two-page documents, I got something I really want to show you. It’s a Microsoft app called Office Lens and it’s a really easy download that you can put right on your smartphone. What it’ll do is it’ll turn your camera into a high resolution scanner so you can get your documents up into the Cloud integrated with your Office 365 account. You can email them right to yourself. It’s great.

Go and take a quick minute. Pause the video. Download it from the Google Play store or the Apple App store and we’ll go ahead and get started.

All right. We’re gonna go ahead and get started with Office Lens here. We’re going to find the Office Lens application. Looks like that. We’ll tap that guy. Brings us immediately right to the scanner. So we’re gonna scan this cool little mailer we have. You might be able to tell it’s trying to pick up where the document is. There it is. It’s very important to realize that the document should be in a well-lit area without a lot of clutter around it. We can see there a very high-quality image. We have one more side. Hit the plus one in the lower left. Again, it’s gonna find it. Finds it real quick there. We have both of our sides scanned. So we’re gonna go ahead tap Done. Then we hit Save All.

We have all these options here. Immediately you can just email it to yourself. It will send it as a jpeg. Many people would like to convert it to PDF first. That’s built right into the application to do that. Save it to your iPhone storage. Then you can tap in here and just with the regular iPhone way of doing things tap in the upper right. You can email it to yourself that way.

Super simple. Very easy to use and hopefully it’s gonna save you a lot of time in the upcoming year.

And that’s a wrap, which means it’s time for my shameless plug. You can learn more about this and other cool IT tips and tricks by going to

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