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Next Steps: Intel CPU Vulnerabilities

Jan 15 2018

On January 3, 2018, Intel announced a set of vulnerabilities that affect every computer, phone and server with an Intel processor.  These vulnerabilities have been assigned the names “Meltdown” and “Spectre”.  This flaw has existed for approximately 20 years and could allow malicious applications to access protected information stored by other applications on the computer.

Because of this announcement, the application of monthly Microsoft Operating System Patches has been compromised.  Worksighted has evaluated the impact and, using our managed services tools, developed methods to address this issue.

Here’s what’s next:

Worksighted Managed-Service clients with devices running a current Microsoft Operating System AND using Webroot Antivirus Software only are fully compliant to resolve the current Microsoft Patching Issue mentioned above. Based on these prerequisites,  approximately 75% of all devices currently managed by Worksighted are compliant systems and will be remedied first.

Remediation for non-compliant systems is being evaluated on an on-going basis.  These currently include legacy / unsupported Microsoft operating systems, non-Microsoft devices and devices that have Anti-Virus / Malware software installed other than Webroot.

Worksighted is identifying these non-compliant systems and will be communicating this issue accordingly. As remediation methods are identified, further communications will be forthcoming.  Your dedicated Account Executive is available to review and make recommendations to ensure your system’s health.

Here’s what to expect:

Worksighted will be applying a fix to compliant systems in order to allow Microsoft Operating System patches to continue.  This will be done on customer-by-customer basis over the next several weeks, starting 01/15/18 and ending 02/02/18.  Computers must be on and connected to a network for the fix to be applied.  Once the fix is applied, a Worksighted Systems Engineer will be closely monitoring your systems to ensure a successful update.

At this time, the existing risk to your systems is low. Worksighted has successfully tested the fix and is confident that you should not experience any interruption of service.  With any update, there are unforeseen circumstances where there may be an interruption.  Be assured that Worksighted is committed to resolving any issues and getting your system working again.

The January Microsoft operating system patch cycle will be delayed 1 – 2 weeks to accommodate this fix.  Non-Microsoft operating systems patches will be released on the normal patch cycle.

Have Questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Account Executive or Technical Account Manager if you have any questions or concerns about this issue.

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