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Phishing Attempts on the Rise During COVID-19

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Worksighted Team Mar 19 2020

The internet is swarming with phishing attempts and malware sites related to Covid-19. These sites are designed to prey on your emotions like curiosity and anxiety and fear. They’re promising information on cures, supplies, information from the World Health Organization and even emails pretending to be from your employer about working from home. We also see an uptick in sites and phone calls asking you to sign up or reserve your spot for virus testing or treatment. Cybercriminals are using this time of panic to email some very sophisticated malware. Scams and hacking attempts will come in via email, text or phone call.  

What to look for:

  • Online requests, text or phone calls for personal information like your social security number or login information
  • Spelling and grammar errors- it’s common for phishing emails to contain spelling and/or grammar errors
  • Emails that insist you act now!
  • Links that offer information on tracking the virus, supplies or news in your area.
  • Generally, government agencies are not sending legitimate emails regarding COVID-19/coronavirus or asking you to sign up or reserve your spot for virus testing or treatment.

What to do:

Stay vigilant. Be highly skeptical of any sites that purport to have data or information on the pandemic or supplies or news in your area.

If you receive an email with suspicious content delete it.

If you’re not sure if an email has a suspicious link or content, delete it.

Remember: When in doubt, throw it out!

Finally, if you are working from home, please connect to the company network only when using a secure connection. (VPN or RDS).

As always, the Worksighted team is here to support you. If you are a Worksighted client reach out to our support team or your dedicated CSM with any questions or concerns.

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