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Ransomware does not have to succeed

Feb 14 2017

A lot of our clients ask about ransomware; here are some of our and Dell’s combined thoughts on the matter.

Ransomware is a common scam method that encrypts your data until the victim pays for a key. Some industries are natural targets for scams like ransomware, and businesses are starting to ask how they can respond to the threat. Sadly, responding is too late; the most effective protection of your money, job and business is to prevent an attack in the first place.

Here are three ways Worksighted can work with you to prevent an attack:

1. Backup

Solid, defensive backup. It may seem simple, but the most important protection is keeping another set of your information in a secure location. This takes away any power from a ransomware attack and lets you quickly get back to business.

2. Monitor

Just like a security guard, your IT department needs to be monitoring who enters your network. Intruders can camp in your network for weeks or even months before they spring a trap. Network monitoring allows you to recognize unusual traffic or unauthorized users within your networks and stop them before they get a chance.

3. Lock it down

Each workstation offers a window for attack. Just how you lock the doors and windows of your home to protect from theft, you need to lock down the stations. Windows 10 provides a vast array of identification, authentication, and authorization features and current-generation workstations already have the hardware components built in to take advantage of those features..

Ransomware is a large and growing problem because it’s effective and profitable. The perpetrators are good at what they do, but you can be better by taking these steps to prevent and attack. Worksighted can work with you to make sure your company is prepared.

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