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Art of Orange // 2020 Recap

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Worksighted Team Jan 12 2021
At Worksighted, we treat relationships with our clients like a work of art – combining our team’s unique values, passion, and dedication together to deliver a truly one of a kind experience, and ultimately a long term partnership. Whether it’s an idea or execution strategy, we empower our team to use every interaction and conversation with a client as an opportunity to strengthen Worksighted’s relationship with the client. This is what we call, the Art of Orange.  Launched in 2019, the Art of Orange is a company-wide initiative that encourages and empowers Worksighted team members to provide world-class customer service to not only our clients but also to each other. The Art of Orange includes three pillars that describe how we deliver this service.

Art of Orange Pillars

“I always prime my canvas first.” 

I know that laying a solid foundation is key to building a great masterpiece. At Worksighted, we prime our relationships by responding promptly, being consistent, and following up to ensure that all the work that happens really shines through.

“I always paint with bold colors and ideas.”

I want my work to be remembered, to stand out, and have people talk about how unique it is. At Worksighted, we paint each relationship with bold ideas that are designed to build confidence. We live for teachable moments that inspire thinking and ignite even greater smiles.

“I’m proud to sign my artwork.” 

I may have spent years priming and painting or created my work in minutes, yet it is bold, colorful, and memorable. I am proud to put my name on it. I own every interaction and am responsible for personalizing each client experience. At Worksighted, Orange represents going above and beyond by seeing each relationship as its own piece of art.
Mike Harris (third from left) spoke at a Wake Up West Coast and wore his Art of Orange T-shirt

Ingrained in our Culture

Tasked with deploying this initiative company-wide, our leadership team designed company-wide training, and a monthly contest to recognize employees who demonstrate the three pillars. The winner each month is the Artist of the Month, culminating in one of these Artists being named Curator of the Year (more about that below). Additionally, starting in 2021, we are including the Art of Orange pillars in our annual reviews. We believe this is the perfect next step because it combines our essential job responsibilities with our own set of unique strengths to create an experience for our customers that exceeds their expectations. At Worksighted we strive to be “experience obsessed” and understand that our customers are the reason we are in business and we want this hard work reflected in important conversations, like an annual review.

Artist of the Month Award

Employees nominate each other to be the Artist of the Month through Bonusly, a micro bonus app. Our employees use #artoforange in their Bonusly submissions to explain how a fellow team member lived out the Art of Orange pillars in their day-to-day interactions with customers (both internal and external). Each winner gets a gift card and a caricature of them is created and then added to our Artist of the Month wall.  The response has been great; we normally get around 100 submissions per month that are focused on Art of Orange. Sharing the stories on Bonusly is also a great way for employees to see the success of their teammates, especially those that they might not interact with often. The leadership team selects one person from the submissions as the “Artist of the Month” – an award that goes to the employee who best exemplified the three pillars of client experience that month. At the end of the year, a Curator of the Year is awarded. Without further ado, here is a recap of our 2020 winners and our CURATOR OF THE YEAR announcement!  
Congrats to all of our monthly winners, and to Jeremy Miller for being named the first-ever Curator of the Year. As part of our Advanced Services team, Jeremy worked hard in 2020 to accommodate the shift in our customers’ needs. He has been a crucial part of several important projects and has created an excellent customer experience along the way. Jeremy is always willing to jump in and help, a trait that his customers and coworkers appreciate! We are so excited about the impact the Art of Orange will have on our company as well as our clients. If you want to experience the Art of Orange for yourself, get in touch!

Bonusly Examples

Here are a few examples of bonuses given to nominate a teammate for the Artist of the Month:
  • “+1 thanks for pushing a couple of invoices along to match up with the end of a client’s fiscal year. You are such a key piece to the client experience (that clients don’t have the opportunity to work with directly). You know who I’m talking about when I share that they said thank you! #uniquepuzzlepiece #artoforange #paintwithboldcolors
  • “+1 Thanks for your work on change management, the DoT process, and input and brainstorming on the Team client journey. Your input makes a difference. #superhero #paintwithboldcolors #artoforange
  • “+1 for your work in our FTA contest, incredible amount of prospecting calls this month and on top of that working hard to develop innovative content to attract new long-term care clients. You work hard every day to craft an incredible #artoforange experience from the very first interaction our clients have with us #primethe canvas. You #paintwithboldcolors by painting a vision of future partnership with each client, working hard to understand their problems and how we can be a part of their solution and you should be very #proudtosignyourartwork about how you’ve helped this process evolve over the last few quarters.”
  • “+3 For being the glue that has ensured Field visits are scheduled, ticket templates are re-created, new processes are defined/documented, and somehow doing all of this on top of your responsibilities for the Lab. Your ability to remain calm through all the chaos of scheduling amazes me, and I am so proud of the work you are doing to revision how scheduling is done for greater efficiency and customer focus. This has helped our processes tremendously and an awesome example of #artoforange
  • “+3 For your empathy and willingness to help resolve a walk-in technical issue with a user that is struggling. You are patient and coach them through it, thoroughly explaining what is happening and ensuring they are good to go before leaving. Thank you for demonstrating that #artoforange in every interaction!”

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