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What Tin Foil & Microsoft 365 Have In Common

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Worksighted Team Jul 27 2021

Microsoft 365 Tips and Tricks

What does Microsoft 365 and tinfoil have in common? I’ll answer that in just a second.

I’m Killian Smith, Training and Content Specialist with Worksighted. We’re so busy with our everyday lives that we often miss tiny details that can actually make our lives way easier.

We all think we know how to use common everyday items, but as it turns out, most of us have been using them incorrectly. Let me give you an example. Did you know that the arrow on the side of the gas icon is pointing to the side of your vehicle the gas tank is on?

Now, check this out. We’ve all used tinfoil before but did you know that on the side of every tinfoil box, there’s these perforated tabs that you push in to keep the roll from falling out? These are things that we use all the time, but you might not have known their full potential or their capabilities.

Now let’s equate that to something you use every day for your profession. Let’s say Microsoft 365. I know, so much potential, so little time. We’ve got you covered. We offer quick Blitz Training on programs and applications that you use every day, to make your job easier and to make you more productive.

So again, what is Microsoft 365 and tinfoil have in common? You might not know all the features but with a little training, you can know how to use those things to their full potential.

Contact us to learn more about the many Microsoft 365 tips and tricks we can show you to boost productivity and maximize your investment.

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