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Worksighted is now offering Webroot for Endpoint Security

Jul 23 2014

Worksighted is now using Webroot for endpoint security, antispyware, and antivirus.

Worksighted is constantly reviewing the best solutions on the market to ensure that your networked systems can be secured against the constantly shifting threat landscape.

Our product development team has selected a new scanning engine from a company called Webroot.  Webroot is a leader in the cloud based scanning sector.  Rather than requiring definition files to be constantly downloaded to the PC and using a resource intensive local scanning engine, Webroot uses a cloud based scanning engine that leverages the collective security knowledge of all the clients using the service.  This results in a slimmer, faster piece of software on the desktop and much faster identification of new threats, but most importantly, much more rapid time to market with updated security responses as definitions need not be pushed out.  Better still, they focus on threads of execution rather than file contents to ensure security.  This allows executing processes to be “sandboxed” or monitored for activity if they appear questionable and avoids having to “exclude” files manually in explicit trust situations.

Additionally, our development team has selected a new malware security product from Hitman Pro.  This will add a second layer of scanning protection on all managed PCs and servers that is more focused on malware or “greyware.”

If you want to learn more about Webroot, please visit their website: You may also contact Worksighted directly for information about Webroot at 888.773.1203.

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