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Worksighted Welcomes New Team Members

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Worksighted Team Jan 22 2021

Welcoming New Team Members

After all of the rapid change and uncertainty of 2020, our team has been looking forward to 2021. In Q4 we were able to ramp up hiring new team members including filling some awesome new positions that will help us better serve our clients in their digital transformation journey. With the creation of two new dedicated teams, a combined Cloud and Security Services team as well as a Training team, we are poised for growth and able to offer an expanding array of services for our clients . We are excited to share a few of our new hires in this blog!

Matt Perry - new hire

Welcome Matt Perry!

Matt is on the Advanced Services team here at Worksighted. His role is to oversee network-intensive projects as a lead engineer. In his spare time, he enjoys going out to local baseball, nightlife, and music scenes, as well as spending time at home with his four pets and his fiance, Katie.

Royce Lloyd - new hire

Welcome Royce Lloyd!

Royce is the newest edition to the Cloud and Security team, focusing on bringing our clients into a new cloud-focused world and implementing powerful solutions that utilize tools and services specific to the cloud. He is a huge music fan and has been playing drums in Rock n Roll bands for about 8 years. Royce also loves acting and being part of improv teams, short films, tv clips, and the odd podcast. He’d like to challenge anyone to a Guitar Hero duel if “they feel like getting absolutely CRUSHED!”

Steve Goers - Hiring

Welcome Steve Goers!

Steve is joining our marketing team as a Video Content Strategist. He is on a mission to create engaging content that helps tell the ongoing story of where Worksigthed has been and where we are going. In his spare time, Steve enjoys playing music and spending time with his family. We can’t wait to see how is creativity and energy will impact our team.

Matt Daugherty

Welcome Matt Daugherty!

Matt is a Field Systems Engineer and is responsible for on-site troubleshooting and weekly field visits to our awesome clients. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors. Fun fact, he lived in Italy for 3 years and would spend time hiking in the Italian Alps!

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Are you interested in joining the Worksighted Team? Worksighted has been on the West Michigan and National Best & Brightest Companies to Work For for many years in a row and strives to create an awesome environment for team members to grow. Throughout the changes of 2020, they used Microsoft Teams to both stay connected and keep the culture alive. Make sure to check out our Careers page for openings.

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