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3 Reasons to Switch to Microsoft Teams for Virtual Meetings

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Worksighted Team Oct 02 2019

Many companies, including us here at Worksighted, struggle to figure out which online meeting tool is right for their organization. Some offer quick fixes and seamless setup. While others have big setup costs and robust offerings. Regardless of the solution, you will probably have yet another subscription cost eating away at your precious budget, and you’ll still have issues.

Enter “Meetings” from Microsoft Teams

You already know that we are loving Microsoft Teams! Today we’re going to cover the top three reasons why we think you should switch to hosting virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams as soon as possible. We have found meetings to be surprisingly simple, and it’s a great way to interact with team members through voice, video and screen sharing. And there’s so much more on top of that, so let’s hit up that top three.

#1: It’s So Easy

Have you ever been in the middle of a chat or an email chain with someone and thought it would just be so much easier to talk about this face-to-face? In Microsoft Teams that’s just a click of a button. Easily pop open a virtual meeting and start collaborating right away. No more navigating to another program remembering another password or ensuring both participants have the right software downloaded, or the dreaded time out of a call because you don’t have a full subscription. Start video chatting, add a co-worker or two, or share your screen all within teams. You can start meeting from scratch, schedule a meeting with an invite, or post a meeting to a channel. Users from outside of your network can access the majority of these features within the call as well. No excuses for bad meetings, that’s on you now.

#2: No more “Can you mute your microphone Jane?”

Teams intuitive service will alert you if any part of your system isn’t working quite right. Forgot to unmute your speakers? It’ll let you know. If your system microphone is muted, you won’t have to waste time mouthing your frustrations through the video stream. If there’s a background noise that is distracting, but you want to avoid that awkward, “Hey Jane you’ve got a lot of background noise can you just mute yourself”. All you have to do is click on the video of that person and mute them. Another of our favorite features is the ability to blur the background so your laundry basket can be conveniently hidden from view.

#3: Record and Share

Click to record audio and video right from the meeting. Microsoft teams will even automatically transcribe the audio to text through Microsoft Stream.

We have found that Microsoft Teams is an awesomely simple tool to use for virtual meetings. Especially because it’s typically already included in your Office 365 account, saving your company from yet another monthly cost.

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