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Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Microsoft Teams!

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Worksighted Team Aug 15 2019

Have you ever been working with a client or maybe a co-worker and they said something, at some point, somewhere in one of you’re way too many communication platforms. And for some reason you need to find it. Was it in an email, a chat, a Trello, or maybe it was Basecamp… yeah.

Welcome back to Tech Riffs, my name is Killian. And look, we get it the struggle to find a perfect collaboration tool is real. There are so many options and all with a different set of promises. So today we wanted to take a quick look at Microsoft Teams, a relatively new collaboration tool included in Office 365, and ultimately a replacement for Skype for Business. So here we go let’s talk about the top three benefits that got us to make the switch.

Benefit #1: Communication Simplified

At its core the primary function of teams is chat. No more searching your email or chat history because teams keeps it all in one place. You can easily attach and send documents, pictures, meeting invites, and more! Add someone to a chat, rename it and come back to it later with updates as needed. And if chat isn’t cutting it, click here in the upper right hand corner to switch to a phone call, a video call, or even to share your screen.

Benefit #2: One Spot for Collaboration

We’ve heard it before but it’s a real thing with Teams everything you need truly is in one place. Full integration with Office 365 allows you to share, comment, and collaborate on documents as well as store them in your channels. Keep co-workers up to date by commenting on a channel attach your document and ask for feedback. One of our favorite features is GIFs. Share reactions to posts with a huge library of GIFs, or upload a picture and create your own meme. Bring the fun back into chat and never underestimate the power of a good laugh.

Benefit #3: Integration

Microsoft Teams also has a growing list of applications that you can embed right into your channel. For example, we’ve integrated our Dropbox. You also have apps for polls, meetings and tons of productivity apps. If you prefer to use Evernote to keep track of what’s going on in your mind, you can search and share your notes without ever leaving Teams.

In the confusing landscape of apps, tools and one-hit wonders, it looks like Microsoft Teams is gonna be a winner, bringing clarity increased collaboration and keeping your team working hard and together. And that’s it for today’s Tech Riff make sure to connect with us on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn. And we love hearing from you, so use that comment section to let us know what you’d like us to riff on next. Until next time, I’m Killian Smith take it easy.

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